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Community Badges

Community Manager
Community Manager

How Community Badges Work

Badges are a great way to show others your involvement with Good Sam’s Community. And, likewise, you can learn more about other users based on the badges on their profile. 

There are lots of ways to earn badges, and you will likely earn some unintentionally, just by being active in the Community! But here are a few of the badges you should know and some you can work towards earning. 


Getting Started

The easiest way to earn badges? Get started! It’s true, we want to make sure you get the full experience on Community, and you will have several badge-worthy opportunities while completing your onboarding. 

You will have the opportunity to earn badges when you complete your profile (Profile Completion badge), for example. You can earn others when you connect your Good Sam Community account with your other social media platforms. 


Participation on Community

One great way to earn badges is through participation. The more you interact, the more badges you’ll earn. The best part? Many of these aren't one-time badges. You earn higher ranks as you go along.

Likes Giver badges, for example, are awarded after you’ve given a certain amount of likes. Keep giving likes, and keep earning additional likes Giver badges. Similarly, you’ll earn Likes Received badges when people like your posts and replies. 

Other participation badges include:

  • Topics starter - Earn your first badge after starting 5 topics.
  • Replies authored - You get a badge the first time you reply. Earn more from there!
  • Solution author - Solve problems, get badges. The more the better. 
  • Login - 10, 50, and 100 are your mile markers for just logging in. 


Memberships and Alumni

We want to recognize the many different ways you can get involved with Good Sam beyond Community. Badges are a great way to show how else Community members are involved. 

For example, verified Good Sam Members will receive a special badge. If you aren’t a member and happen across one in a conversation, be sure to ask about their Membership and how it’s helped them!

Some folks in Community have been with Good Sam for quite some time. In fact, the forums at have long been the host for conversations similar to what you’ll find in Good Sam Community. So if you see someone with an Alumni badge, know they are likely experts in the game and have a lot to offer!

And if you’ve been here with us since the beginning, you may have earned a Founding Member badge, which recognizes the first few. 

Remember, badges are here to help us learn more about each other and to incentivize more interaction. So, earn more badges and wear them proudly on your profile, and be sure to check out the badges of others you meet!