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Community Manager

Good Sam Community Rank Structure 

Why Ranks Matter

Ranks serve as a reflection of your involvement and dedication within our community. They're not just badges of honor; they signify your journey, progress, and commitment to enriching the collective experience. By participating actively, you not only elevate your own standing but also contribute to the vibrancy and diversity of our community ecosystem. Alumni

Nomad III - Icon.pngIn addition to our rank structure, we're proud to introduce a special recognition for our esteemed Alumni. These are the dedicated members who have been with us since the inception of, laying the foundation for the vibrant community we have today. To honor their enduring commitment and contributions, we've introduced a special icon—the green star—that will accompany their rank. Whenever you see this star next to a user's name, know that you're in the presence of someone who has been an integral part of our community since the early days of If you do not see this associated with your account and you believe you should please send a note to @TeamGoodSam or @evanseegmiller

The Ranks

Our rank structure is designed to reflect different stages of your journey within the community. From newcomers taking their first steps to seasoned Alumni leading the way, each rank signifies a unique level of engagement and expertise. Here's a breakdown of our current rank hierarchy:

  • Visitor I,II,III
  • Novice I,II,III
  • Explorer I,II,III
  • Nomad I,II,III
  • Navigator I,II,III
  • Trailblazer I,II,III
  • Globetrotter I,II,III

Engage to Ascend

The more you interact, contribute, and collaborate within the community, the faster you'll climb the ranks. Here's how you can boost your rank:

  • Posting: Share your thoughts, experiences, and insights with the community. Whether it's asking questions, sharing tips, or initiating discussions, your posts add value and stimulate conversations.
  • Replying: Engage with other members by responding to their posts and comments. Offer support, provide feedback, or simply join in the conversation. Every interaction counts towards your rank progression.
  • Liking: Show appreciation for content that resonates with you by liking posts and comments. It's a simple yet effective way to acknowledge contributions and encourage active participation.
  • Tagging: Connect with fellow members by tagging them in relevant posts or discussions. Tagging not only facilitates communication but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration.

In our community, ranks are more than just titles; they're symbols of engagement, collaboration, and growth. As you embark on your journey, remember that every interaction, no matter how small, contributes to the collective fabric of our community. So dive in, engage actively, and let your journey unfold as you ascend through the ranks, leaving your mark and shaping the future of our community together.

Happy exploring!