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A very old stray {The Old Fella Story}

Went camping this weekend at a campground on the lake, had not been there for a few years. Once there I began to walk around looking at the different sites when I noticed a very old dog. He just lay there until I got too close then he got up on three...

Walmart Overnight Parking

WALMART Trainyards.$ 80.00 parking ticket from bylaw.RV’ers be aware that the Walmart at Trainyards 450 Terminal Ave., Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z3, is no longer welcoming RV and Travel Trailers. They will allow you one night only.I brought my travel trailer, ...

Pop up Trailer question

Hey all!  I need some EXPERT advise.  We just got a 2007 Fleetwood Saratoga and need to find the water pump.  We have searched everywhere and done everything but strip it sone to the frame to find it.  Anyone know EXACTLY where it is? 

pacpalm by Explorer
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Fishing in Texas City?

Hello, I am staying at an RV park near Texas City and they are suggesting this place for fishing: Anyone know if there is good fishing on this dike/pier? Got any tips or suggestion...

Any runners around the campfire?

I’m realizing that I’m about 40 lbs overweight and at 57 if I don’t do something to get in shape now it’s very unlikely to happen when I get older. So a few weeks ago I started running. Yesterday I got a heart rate monitor and went for a run. I trot...

4x4ord by Explorer III
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Need some

tips on healthy foods to eat besides chicken, pork, vegetables, and fruits.January 19th I had a stent to put in. 

t-train by Explorer
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Update on finding an RV travel companion.

Seven years ago, I started a thread of asking what sites can I find an RV Travel companion and initially since there wasn’t much of a response I stopped looking at that forum but when I started looking yesterday, I saw the thread was still active tho...

EvanGe by Explorer
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Gentleman ejected from his moho on SoCal freeway

This video is making the rounds at my office today. I can't believe this guy survived the fall and wasn't hit by traffic. I hope he bought a lotto ticket.   I'm also pretty impressed with the ability to embed videos into a post in the new community....

Can I vent while we sit around the campfire ?

I have built two houses from the ground up and repaired just about every home appliance that exists, but lost on this last repair on our electric cloths dryer. It had a rubbing/schritcing sound, so I Opened it up to try and trouble shoot it. It has t...

NanciL by Explorer II
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Snowstorm = project time

We picked up just shy of 12" of snow yesterday. Between following the snowblower around and shoveling, I puttzed around and built now pads for the stabilizers and tongue jack. Bored, daytime TV stinks, so why not? Used scrap 2"x6" boards. Stabilizer ...

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