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Guitar around a campfire !!

After 40 years, I finally decided to play guitar again (2015).....and it's weird how you still know your chords after all these years.
Last summer, I brought my guitar with me and started to play around a campfire. What happened next...... our neighbors asked if they could join us, and we had such a good time. I played some of my songs, they played theirs and everyone was singing.....

I'm sure some of you folks play guitar or sing around a campfire and I thought I could share my favorite songs and perhaps some of you have your favorite ones too. Maybe that way we can have more songs to our list.

So, here is a list of five songs I love to play:

1- Margaritaville (Jimmy Buffett)
2- Brown eyed girl (Van Morrison)
3- The sound of silence (Simon & Garfunkel)
4- California dreamin' (Mamas & Papas)
5- A kind of hush (Herman's Hermits)

I already play a lot of songs you posted, but there are also some that I forgot about and will include them on my list of songs to learn.
Great choice folks........Keep them coming!

As for ttempleton...keep it up !...........I stopped playing for 40 years, and started playing again eighteen months ago........A great move on my part and a great hobby for when I will retire.

Cats in a cradle
Sweet Home Alabama
Country Roads
Amazing Grace
Never Rains in Southern Calf.
Take it Easy

Started to learn to play few months ago, enjoy trying to play
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Wrote a different post a few days back but apparently it was swallowed into the ethernet. Oh well.

What I recall is it was women singers/songwriters like:

Joni Mitchell's 'Court and Spark' (Nothing wrong w/ 'Raised on Robbery' or 'Free Man in Paris' either)
'Blue Bayou'- Linda Ronstadt
Roberta Flack- 'The First Time Ever I Saw your Face'
Maria Muldaur- 'Midnight at the Oasis'

Since this is a double post I'm including Gordon Lightfoot's 'Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'; Arlo Guthries' 'City of New Orleans' and Elton John's ' Burn Down the Mission'; George Harrison's 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' and Randy Newman's 'Rider in the Range'.

Oh and thank you, Canada. You make this country better in so many ways.

There are some groups, who wrote such popular music that everyone knew the words, and it didn't take many chords to play.
Beach Boys
Barry Manilow
Mamas and the Papas
Kenny Rogers
Lionel Richie
Beatles (early stuff)
Simon and Garfunkel
Peter, Paul and Mary
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When I was a teen, THE song to play was The Animals' version of House of the Rising Sun. As long as you know the guitar chords, it's easy to play and sounds great.
The Animals - House of the Rising Sun 1964

Other campfire songs I enjoy playing and singing:
Big Iron (Marty Robbins)
El Paso (Marty Robbins)
Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay (Otis Redding)
Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison)
Down on the Corner (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
Fernando (Abba)
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Rainbow Bridge: Spotacus, Alexander the Grrreat, and so very many more

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Tried and found that I have not the manual dexterity to play Guitar. :Plus due to an accident and injury I have limited range of movement in my left hand.

But Sing, that I can do and if you play (And I notice) I will gladly join you.

True Story:
Was at a "Botique Mall" and they had a gathering space with a Piano (now nailed shut i'm sad to say) A young lady was doing a fairly decent job of playing, as I recall "The Rose" so I joined her and sang. Well, we proceeded to find several songs we knew in common.. Finally I had to move along as I was traveling as part of a group and it was time to catch the buss.. turned around (I had been focused on her and the piano) and the space behind me was PACKED with people, listening to us perform.. What can I say.. I rather enjoied that..
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A couple of years ago we camped on the beach and the campers next to us in a VW camper van showed up,, I thought "Cool a couple of Hippies" and yeah,, But they were great neighbors,, He played Guitar and his girlfriend played the Flute,, They actually came over, introduce them selfs and asked if we would mind them playing and singing,,Of course we said we would enjoy it!
They played almost all day and into the night, then the next day they had friends show up and they had instruments,Needless to say it was one of the most joyful camping adventures we have ever enjoyed!!
They played good music and music I have never heard before but enjoyed it!!
They were very nice and considerate and very polite!! If I could camp next to them again I would look very much forward to that!!

When our group gets together, someone can always be counted on to play "Wagon Wheel". It's the "Stairway to Heaven" of folk music.
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My late husband would play, 'Taps' on his harmonica at sunset. I can still hear it.

Guitar??? Who plays the guitar?
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I listen to pretty much everything but with an acoustic around a fire its hard to beat anything from the man in black or mr twitty
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A: A Stick....

I never thought of Alice's Restaurant.....Thanks NYCgrrl ! I'll have to check "I'll fly away" and "Dos Gardenias"

Gosh if I had a guitar and knew how to use it why I'd want to play/hear the following in the waning hours of the day:

The Lion Sleeps Tonight
Alice's Restaurant
I'll Fly Away (preferably played on a dulcimer....oops)
Dos Gardenias

For the moment.
I like music a lot and am prone to change what I want to hear at any given time.

Correct!!!! Back on topic folks and, if necessary, re-read the OP's first post before continuing. Thanks.