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Brookings to Medford

We are fairly new RVers and are headed to Oregon next week for 15 days. Towards the last leg of our trip, we are headed from Brookings to the Medford area to hit I-5 to head home. This part of the trip map has me nervous pulling our TT. I noticed 2 routes. 199 looked the best, but I had read on a few blogs about the narrow and hairpin turns. Can anyone out there help with the safest route to pull a TT. I know fires may impact our route and will keep that in mind. Thank you so much in advance!

Explorer has been showing 199 is open for the past few days.

199 does have about a 10 mile section that is narrow and curvy and a few trees that show some battle scars. Pay attention to the signs, watch your speed and watch for fallen rock. Once you get through the section it is just another road.

I wouldn't be galavanting around on any Forest Service roads.

Explorer III
Explorer III
Op Use Google Maps and Street View Images and you'll see the entire road and traffic. It will take a lot of clicks but you'll see everything. The pilot car should be a non issue. Smoke from the fire may be a concern.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Currently google maps detours off 199 at Patrick Creek, taking a forest service road across the state border. I think there's a another thread about some fire closures here.

As far as Patrick Creek 199 is easy, following a broad river valley. Beyond there it, when open, the canyon becomes narrower, and the road curves more. Whether that's actually bad depends on your size and experience. 199 uses a tunnel to cross the top, so avoids the worst of climbs and curves.

A good alternative is go north to OR 42 doubles the miles, but with the current detour doesn't take too much longer. And no significan grades or difficult sections.

caltrans wrote:
In Del Norte County, State Route 199 has 1-way traffic control with pilot cars leading traffic from Patrick's Creek to Collier Tunnel - Due to a wildfire - Expect 1 hour delays.