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EB I-40 From Kingman AZ to Ash Fork AZ is Horrendous

Explorer II
Explorer II
Worst section of Interstate road over 25+ miles I've seen in my life. Literally had the wheel yanked out of my hands in 1 spot, had a dolly fender get shaken apart, & overall pretty much sealed the deal we won't be coming back into AZ until we hear they've addressed their unsafe road situation here.

The road is so bad in many areas there's no straddling potholes option nor option to switch & run in say, the hammer lane. Numerous places we saw folks in newer cars/trucks with flats following big holes in the road, many places with car debris &/or big chunks of asphalt sitting in the roadway etc.

We've been pretty disappointed in many AZ roads within last 6 months of traveling there as earlier this year we traveled up & down U.S. 93 to/from Vegas to Phx, which was also unacceptably awful over many miles as well.

I can handle dodging potholes here/there but when the road is blown up from shoulder to shoulder, over many contiguous miles, that's beyond what we'll put up with for our discretionary vacation travel. Just a heads' up, beware of I-40 EB out of Kingman right now.
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Nomad II
Nomad II

Makes you wonder where all those infrastructure funds went that were distributed to all the states.

Explorer II
Explorer II
I agree when we traveled that stretch in 2017 it was terrible then,can't imagine it now if nothing has been done....


I agree.  We traveled that route not long after you traveled it. Even traveling at 50 mph it about shook you fillings out of your teeth.  If anyone thinks I 90 through Idaho is bad, travel the fore mentioned stretch of road, You ain't seen nothin yet.

The best way is up rt 66 from Kingman, Az up to Seligman, Az. Stop for lunch at Westside Lilo's. Same families owned it for 65 years. Continue up the 66, and then get on the 40 towards Flagstaff. Ashfork is the Flagstone capital of Arizona.

Arizona has no plans to repair any roads. So all snow birds, etc might as well visit other states.
And all the contractors are too busy building houses.
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Thanks for the heads up. Nobody wants to need an alignment, new tires and rims after driving 25 miles on a broken-up road.