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Explorer II
Explorer II
Spent several weeks setting up a post retirement route, basically going across the top of the country to WY, then down to AZ...

Best laid plans ๐Ÿ˜ž

I now have a medical procedure schedule planned which is disrupting our travel plans. Basically losing all my top of the country plans.

If we are to go straight from MI to AZ in early October, what might the route look like? In this case in will no longer be about the journey, but getting to the destination. Not exactly sure where we are going to pick up our original travel plans, that will partially depend on followup MD appts.

Explorer II
Explorer II
You didn't say where in AZ you were heading... Snow along I-40 isn't unheard of in October.

The routes mentioned to Flagstaff work for Phoenix. Definitely head to I-70 at IND instead of anything close to Chicago. Bring cash for the OK Turnpike...

If your destination is Tucson or Yuma, then you'd be better off heading down US-60/US-70 from Amarillo to Las Cruces, especially if the Balloon Festival is going on. It's a fairly interesting drive the more you get into South Central NM.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
We are taking that exact route leaving Howell, MI on 10/1. Try to not need to stop within about 100 miles of Albuquerque the first of October as the balloon festival is 10/1-10/9 and if you don't have the sites already you will NOT find them unless you are real lucky.

We take this route each October and have not had weather problems yet. The only toll road is into Tulsa on I-44. The only rough traffic is Indy and Albuquerque.

I-40 near Flagstaff will be the worst road you will be on.

Good travels and prayers for the MD Appt results.
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Life is what happens while you are making plans......

I don't have much travel time you can use, but some years back, we went to the Balloon Fiesta via RT-66. It was actually largely I-40 as Rt-66 has been de-certified.

Were You (and I nearly am - I have the fist of two procedures next week) I would ask the planner programs for a good route and then change it to make it the time you want to be on the road.

You can take the northern route on the backhaul.
Suggestion: Traveling in late season, maintain provisions for at least 3 days. If the weather turns to "stuff", plan to hunker down somewhere and wait it out. That can easily be a day, and two is not unheard of, but that third is just a safety buffer.

Some years back, this happened to us. At this time I have forgotten where exactly. It was not a highway rest area because when we got to the first one it was FULL. Where ever it was, we had a good view of the interstate and were warm and cozy in the coach except when one of us had to take the dog out...

Matt & Mary Colie
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Nomad II
Nomad II

That's a rotten shame. I hope you have a speedy and full recovery!
Regards, Don
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I-69 to Indy, I-70 to St. Louis, I-44 to Oklahoma City, I-40 to AZ. Use the RV PARKY app to find overnight parks to stay at on your route. We start looking about 2pm to be able to pull off the road by 4pm. The app has all the info to call a park to check for availability. We've never been required to give a card # for deposit but have always been courteous and informed the park if we were running late. Always been accommodated.