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Campground advice


Hi y’all we are in a pickle (it shouldn’t be)

we picked an annual campground and now six months in we would like to leave. There are a myriad of reasons not the least of which is we came to find out the campground flooded three times last year and needed to be evacuated (every camper hauled out). this not being disclosed, among other reasons.

here is the catch, we paid up for the year (not a lease per se but just paid the monthly upfront) and in two weeks we will be at the 6 month mark. We just want our six months of rent back so we can move out of here. (They are refusing to pay it). 

is there an RV lawyer y’all know or something we can do that you have had success with short of the attorney generals office? I’m happy to do that but figured it could be solved with a letter from an attorney.


thanks in advance