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My husband and I are planning on opening a campground. What amenities do you expect to find when you book a site.



In our case, we like 30 amp, water, sewer, BUT don't require them, unless it is hot enough to want AC, in which case, electric. But what IS essential is that the site be level enough that we can get the trailer level with the blocks we have with us. A picnic table is nice, a fire ring is nice, too. In our 70s, we don't care about kid's playground, game room, etc. (While we like kids, we don't have them.)

I think you are going to find that as far as sites goes, there's a market for everything from tents with nothing but a clear spot close enough to the road nobody gets a hernia lugging stuff down from the car, to full on resort sites with permanent screened cabanas along with the usual amenities.

Explorer II
Explorer II

Long enough sites for big rigs and also some room between sites so you’re not banging into your neighbors door every time you open yours. Being able to open your awning is a must as well. 

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Fire pit and quiet


I was curious to get some responses from the OP but looks like they haven't returned in almost 3 months. 

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Yes, weird, specific, yet very unspecific question with no follow up…..

At least campin granny isn’t trying to get fee advertising, lol. 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Campgranny65!

I look forward to following your journey in opening a campground! We hope you continue to come to the community for advice and share lots and lots of photos along the way! 

Good Luck! 

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Navigator II

The list of amenities can be so broad my guess is it's going to boil down to what you can afford to build in.

I would say flare out the ends of the spots where they join the campground road and have no roadside trees, bushes  or big rocks where trucks are going to be backing in.

One of my favorite campgrounds has narrow roads and a big rock right where my front bumper needs to swing when backing in. Another site has a rock on right at the front right corner of the site. So you can't see it when backing in and it can hit the side of a trailer and do some damage if the driver has a poor spotter. 
Oh and if you have the room, flare out the pads at the roads. Don't make people back in around  a 90 degree angle with curbs adding to the complexity. Flare he entry wider to make it easier to cut the corner when backing.

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Much like the other posters, I prefer to have a level cement, paved, or gravel (in order of preference) site with well-placed connections.  I always seek pull through sites when on the road, but a good back in or pull in are fine on longer stays.  Fifty-amp service is a must for us.  Sewer and water are highly preferred, especially if we will be there more than just overnight.   Cable and/or good internet are nice too.  As far as amenities, we travel with kids so it is a huge plus if there is something for them to do (playground, basketball court, etc.)  As far as all of the other options, I guess it really depends on your target audience.  We stay at a lot of Class A only resorts so there is a list of what we expect there, which is drastically different than if we are seeking a great location (we might not care if the campground is pretty basic if it is walking distance from the ocean or a Great Lake, for example).  Good luck and if you can share any details, I am sure we'd all like to learn more about your new CG!


IB853347201 has a spot on response to this. I would also suggest do some comparative analysis. Specifically, find campgrounds that match your intended type (overnight, resort, rustic, etc.) and dig into the reviews of what people like and dislike about them. I think that would be valuable in discerning what offerings make a big difference. Best of luck in your research and, hopefully, in building a successful CG.

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We like a clean no frills CG.  We never use the amenities.  We like a cement slab to park on, full hookups and paved interior roads.   Good luck with your project. Betsy.


You might get better responses if you provided further details as to the location and size of campground you are considering.  But in response to your question, I would have to say that the amenities that are required will be based on your target customer's needs. For instance,  if you are near an interstate and are targeting the overnight traveler, then level pull thru's with full hook ups might do it. On the other hand if you are trying to attract the vacation destination traveler that will stay longer, then a variety of sites with full hook ups plus amenities such as a pool, mini putt, store, recreation center,  etc, will be a must. 

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X2  Campgrounds vary from rustic to resort.

Explorer III
Explorer III

Good to see another campground coming in, where are you and your husband planning on opening it?  Pull through sites long enough to accommodate class A motorhomes and their towed vehicles; with water, sewer and 50 amp service hook ups and wifi.  Clean, well maintained bathrooms and showers; some clean, maintained washers and dryers (size of laundry room depends on how big the campground is).  Some type of picnic table (in good shape) at each RV site.  Roads or paths and sites maintained in in good shape.  Campground store with  some supplies.

Congrats on the new adventure. Hope it works out for you. 

For us all the normal stuff. We also check to see if there is electric vehicle charge facilities or even just a fair fee to plug in at the site.  Sema connect is who KOA is using for their units. I’m not sure what the profit share arrangement is though. I know it’s pay by app. 

 Below is a pic of a couple of onsite Sema chargers at a KOA site. 



 Or just allow charging on the site for a reasonable fee.  We do that all the time as per the pic. . Works fine for us. 


Wishing you much success.