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i am shown as a visitor


why does it show that i am a visitor? i thought i signed up here from the old


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @timaff., 

I am happy to help here. Looks like the account you are currently posting from was created on May 19th, 2024. If you log out, you can try to use all of your information to log in using the "RV.Net User" button. If you do this, your account will show all of your old posts & replies. I can help you log in as well. The other option I can give you is to convert your current account into an RV.Net member so you see the badge just like others do! 

Let me know which you prefer! 


It looks like your ranking is moving again, I think there was a glitch in the system for a short time as a few folks noticed the weird rankings. 


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Nomad III
Nomad III

probably get a quicker answer in comuntiy feed back.  I am trying to remeber if I had to have a mod play with my account to get it back to where it should be, but I think I still have the visitor tag but it flew by quickly

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