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trouble logging in and posts not migrating over


So, a few things, yesterday I was able to log in to the new site just fine. Today it said my username and PW were not recognized. So, I reset my PW - to the same PW as yesterday - and then it worked. What's up with that? Also, there were some posts as recent as yesterday that did not seem to migrate over. Is this a timing issue? 

Overall, the site will take some getting used to. I will say it feels oversimplified to me to the point it's not really engaging.  

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Nomad II
Nomad II

The announcement said that we would lose at least one day's worth of posts during the transition.

If the password reset worked, then I would recommend not worrying about it. However, did you click on the "RV.NET Users" link to login? If you hit the other link by mistake your password probably wouldn't work.

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