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RV/VAN Shipping

Hello - We need to ship our Thor Scope (18 Feet) from Oregon to Florida.  Any recommendations for providers and/or experience (do's/don'ts) you can pass on?  Thanks, Rob

new 2024

Well, the 2012 X5 35d BMW SUV is at 175,000 miles, and while still going strong, the wife-mate has been jonesing for a pick up for years, and is deeply concerned that just maybe it's time to retire it from the hard job of dragging the TT around the c...


Cylinder Compression

Recently we have begun a search for a new tow vehicle.  We currently have a 2005 Dodge Durango with 325,000 miles.  We found a 2014 Dodge Durango and had it taken in for a complete inspection.  I asked for a compression check as well.  The compressio...

App for Propane Refill Prices in US

Has anyone found an APP that gives up to date propane refill prices by state, city, locality?If so please post.Note: Gas Buddy does not list propane prices. Neither do the websites for the large chains like Fly J/Pilot etc.Thanks

4X4Dodger by Explorer II
  • 16 replies


Hey Mex are you still refurbing converters for your friends south of the border?  I just replaced my PD9260C, output voltage measured at 0.5dc with no load.  LMK if you can use it.

High capacity 20" tires for truck

I posted this on the Silverado/Sierra forum and got one response... "good luck." Since folks on this forum are more into towing than jacking trucks up to make them look macho, I'll see if anyone here knows of anything:My wife and I are full-time RVer...

Norcold 10DC door tabs breaking off

Has anyone else had the little tabs break off on the doors that hold the trays onto the door?The previous owner put this fridge in, I don't think he took the trailer into places like we do. On our second trip with it we had the tray on the 2nd positi...

fridge 1.jpg fridge 2.jpg

Lippert TT Leveling System issues

We recently purchased a trailer with a Lippert TT Leveling system.We have been running RV’s in one form or another for over 4 decades, all have had manual leveling systems. This is our first with an “automatic Leveling system”. Not something I would ...

JDsdogs by Nomad
  • 17 replies

Reserve America "Rainy Day" refunds

I just received an email from Reserve America promoting their new "Rainy Day Refund" program. For a small fee you can have your daily campsite rental fee refunded If it rains for all or portions of the day you have reserved. Apparently a company name...

docsouce by Explorer II
  • 2 replies

Any Return on Investment?

I just replaced my 6-year-old original trailer tires with new Goodyear Endurance tires. As we are preparing for an upcoming 6-week, 4000-mile trip, I discovered that my trailer brakes are in need of replacing. Since I'll have the thing in pieces alre...

Patriot 18k 5th wheel hitch

Hi question for someone, we just bought a new F450 super duty pickup and we have a Patriot 18k hitch. Will this work on this new truck?

Sosbee1 by Explorer
  • 8 replies

Coleman Mach HP going to Gas Override

I have a 2022 Grand Design 376ths with 3 a/c units, one of which is a Coleman Mach heat pump.  I know that the are designed to swith to gas heating wen the outside temperature falls below 40 or 35 degrees, but mine is going into gas override and it's...

Omarrh by Explorer
  • 1 replies