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What kind of gen should I shop for?

We just bought a new fifth wheel and it feels like starting over again. We've only ever owned toy haulers that are already prepped for dry camping with onboard generators and fuel tanks. So my question for the braintrust is, what should I shop for in...

dissecting a Lippert Ground Control 3.0 landing leg

I have the electric Lippert GC 3.0 front landing leg that failed on me in Arizona this spring. I have boxed up the motor for a spare as I believe it is OK. I will test it later.I'd like to do an autopsy on the leg to see what failed and also to see i...

obie311 by Explorer II
  • 11 replies

Mud Flaps vs 5th Wheel Vortex

This question feels a little tinfoil-hat-ish, but… We’ve been towing a high profile 5er for years and I’m pretty good about strapping down things in the bed because the vortex in the truck bed will blow things around and even suck them out of the tru...

Hot and cold shower

Recently upgraded to a 2006 Sunnybrook 31BWKS. When taking a shower, with a full and hot, hot water tank. The shower starts out hot, then, the water pump kicks on, and it goes very cold. Water pump turns off, gets hot again, water pump turns on, g...

readytow by Explorer
  • 16 replies

Best Pin Box?

Since we had such a great discussion about hitches, what's the consensus on the best pin box?

BurbMan by Explorer II
  • 18 replies

Help! Nu Wa manual desperately needed

I just got an 01 nu WA hitchhiker 2 4th wheel, it needs work. I need to owners manual desperately, whoever owned it before rewired things all wrong and I need to see what it was supposed to be like. I tried contacting NUWA they are closed, I tried th...

Ncchrv by Explorer
  • 10 replies

Sailun S637SP

Simple Tire is running their Memorial Day sale...The Sailun 215/75R17.5 is $135.00. + taxes... And the Sailun 235.80R16 is $158.00 + tax Not bad numbers for those switching to Sailun . . . .

Getting a car from Mi. to Fl.

We are pulling our 5th wheel to Florida from West Michigan. We're not going to have one or the other of us follow in the car. Any ideas on a way to get the car delivered that will not cost a fortune?

Holding off on buying a new RV

I am holding off on buying a new RV due to all of the frame issues. Even if the manufacturer agrees to fix it, then you are still out of your RV for weeks or months. I see no reason to buy a new unit and have issues.GD finally agreed to go back and o...