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Leaking Black Tank Pipe

What would be the best way to reseal a black tank pipe joint? Ours is leaking at the first elbow after a short pipe comes out of the black tank. I have a few ideas but thought I would throw this out to you guys for your thoughts. Thanks, John

shadows4 by Explorer III
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Our First Trip Out

Well, me and DW decided we would take the new camper for a small, close to home camping trip to test things out. So far, so good. The setup was easy enough and the truck did better on fuel than I thought it would. Considering the camper weighs 11000l...

BusaGuy by Explorer
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Thank You

Hi, I just joined your forum today but have been following it for months. Six months ago my wife and decided that we want to spend some of our winter months touring southern USA when I retire in a year or two. I knew nothing about Rving, fifth whee...

May be switching in the future

Well,,,life certainly is a circle. In 2007 we switched from a 40' toy hauler 5th wheel to a 40' motorhome so we could gain more comfort while still hauling a trailer with our sandrail. Now all the toys are gome and we sold our home and we have been f...

Mountaineer vs Dutchman

My wife and I are about to buy our first 5th wheel and there are a couple of layouts that we like from the Montana Mountaineers and the Dutchman Infinity's. My question is quality wise is one better than the other or are they pretty equal?

Jconnon by Explorer
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5th wheel legs

Hi, I've been a member of this board for awhile but, I don't come to this section often because I have a travel trailer and not a 5th wheel. However, my brother has a 5th wheel, it's a KZ Sport. His front jack legs are electric but, each leg still re...

Ready to pop for a 5th wheel, advice please

We are about to pull the trigger on a 2004 Carriage Model CW374. It is in near new condition and has four slides, new tires, washer dryer and a large atrium slide. Asking price is $37,000. Anyone know if Carriage used the hung sidewalls instead of th...

Jerry_B by Explorer
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We are selling our fifth wheel and quitting Rving. I just wanted to send a SPECIAL THANKS to all of you, for the assistance I have received over the years. So thanks to all. You will be missed. Jim

jimw606 by Explorer
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Making a difference - Wheels and Tires on Cardinals

Sometimes we as consumers can make a difference!Here is the deal. Forest River Cardinal models have all been shipping with Goodyear Marathon ST235/80R16 LRE tires for several years on Tredit's T03 wheels rated to 3540.

Me_Again by Explorer II
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Jacking up a 5er

My wife and I just bought our first 5er. A 1997 SeaBreeze 2033. For its age it is in excellent condition. We are getting ready to move and I need to check brakes bearings and drums. My problem is where to jack it up at. All I've read have conflicting...

Toetoy by Explorer
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Looking at 5th wheels. Need advise

I'm looking at 5th wheels in the 36'-42' range. I have seen MANY different brands. I'm looking at 2010 or newer units.I want something quality. I will be living in it full time going to grad school in Florida. It is just me, not married and no kids....

paying before trailer is here

just informed from the bank that my trailer payments start next week. Think I need my trailer first, gave them 11500 down payment trailer wont be here until 3rd week of may. I don't think iam paying for something I don't have

Fifth Wheel Clearance

Just picked up my new 346qbud...but I have some clearance issues. I have approx 5 1/2" clearance from the top of my bed rails but my tonneau cover frame takes up 2" so I realistically have 3 1/2". While backing into my driveway I sheared of the bulk...


Don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here goes. My wife and I bought an Alfa 35RLIK and had it placed on a lot that we purchased at Outdoor Resorts Palm Springs. We are wondering what others have done in terms of leaving it th...

jamsvet by Explorer
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