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Fifth Wheel Clearance

Just picked up my new 346qbud...but I have some clearance issues. I have approx 5 1/2" clearance from the top of my bed rails but my tonneau cover frame takes up 2" so I realistically have 3 1/2". While backing into my driveway I sheared of the bulk...


Don't know if this is the right place for this question, but here goes. My wife and I bought an Alfa 35RLIK and had it placed on a lot that we purchased at Outdoor Resorts Palm Springs. We are wondering what others have done in terms of leaving it th...

jamsvet by Explorer
  • 4 replies

Swapping tires

I need to swap tires around on my 5er. Can you jack under the U-bolts one-by-one and get away with it or is it bad JuJu?

dedub by Explorer
  • 9 replies

Raptor Black waste tank not draining

OK, so I just bought this raptor in AZ. Pulled it up here to the cold north, and yes it's been a horrible april up here.. So, now I found out the black water tank is not draining.. I have all the valves open, I have 3 valves and they are all open and...

Biodiesel fuel vs Diesel # 2

This not the right forum but I am unsure which one to use.I use Diesel # 2 normally in my Dodge 3500 Diesel. I will be traveling through Oregon and Washington and when checking fuel stations along the way, I don't see Diesel #2 but rather Biodiesel2....

Jayco, what does the dealer know that I don't know?

Both Jayco dealers here in the Salt Lake City area have tried talking us out of a Jayco, and to go with a Montana or Cougar instead. I'm just wondering why. Our first trailer was a brand new 2003 Jayco bumper pull and we loved it. I really wish we ...

rbcurtis by Explorer
  • 25 replies

Cord rubbing on tailgate

Aside from mounting a receptacle in the box of the truck, how can you keep the cord from rubbing on the tailgate of the truck?

nano by Explorer
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Ok I am very curious what is the deal with the constant comments about sobe bottles? From what I am gathering it is some sort of incendiary device. Is there a place to gather more information about this object I am always interested in new ways to li...