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Mud Flaps vs 5th Wheel Vortex


This question feels a little tinfoil-hat-ish, but…

We’ve been towing a high profile 5er for years and I’m pretty good about strapping down things in the bed because the vortex in the truck bed will blow things around and even suck them out of the truck bed.

We recently towed a shorter 5er with a lower nose and the vortex was more extreme. While part of me doesn’t care since my load is secured, the different air dynamics are driving one of my dogs insane and she’s visibly distressed while we drive.

I’m looking for ways to reduce the vortex and I overheard someone mention mud flaps as a cure but I couldn’t ask them for more info.

Has anyone here heard anything to support this? Or does anyone have any ideas?

My only other idea is to wrap a few straps around my tailgate to hold down the plastic rail cap, because I can see it flutter while we drive. I can’t think of anything else that would be creating a sound that’s driving one of our dogs insane.

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air tabs along the rear edge of the truck get rid of it, but then you have them on the truck to look at. 

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 I do not have an answer, BUT really doubt mud flaps would help with anything other than keeping some stones and or debris off the lower front of the fiver.

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The mudflap idea may help some. It might cut down on air being forced against the lower part of 5th-wheel and back towards the truck-bed. Adding a wind deflector on the roof of the pickup may help too.


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