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Off Road Riding Spots (with coordinates)

Hey folks...
I won't even try to take credit for this, but I've had this info in my "favorites" for a long time.. I figured I'd share.. I make no claims to how accurate any of these are, but the dozen or so I've used were spot on..
Please feel free to add to it with your favorite spots. If you have coordinates to the spot, I'll add those to this list. This will make finding the spots with tools like Google Earth much easier. I will do my best to modify it and add riding spots as they are posted to this thread.
If everyone agrees, I will organize this by region. I could list them by state, but that didn’t seem right to me (read: too much work)…As of now, I will create to following regions: Southwest, Northwest, North Central, South Central, Southeast and Northeast. Our neighbors to the North and South will each get one region (I will add more as spots are posted.) Canada and Mexico
This map is a good reference for the regions..


Lucerne Valley / Stoddard Valley / Johnson Valley and SW High Desert

Anderson Dry Lake Camp N34 33.635 W116 46.602
Bessimer Mine Camp (Rock Pile) N34 29.967 W116 39.852
Bessimer Mine Rd (Entrance from US 247) N34 24.587 W116 43.345
Cougar Buttes Camp N34 29.298 W116 49.454
Cougar Buttes Entrance from Camp Rock Rd. N34 29.950 W116 49.818
Cave/Mine (Between Bell Mtn. & Slash X N34 41.483 W117 07.100
Cave/Mine (Anderson Dry Lake) N34 34.064 W116 43.423
Cave/Mine (Anderson Dry Lake) N34 34.673 W116 40.772
Sand Dunes (East of Soggy Dry Lake) N34 25.434 W116 35.599
Bessimer Mine Rd. (Soggy Dry Lake) N34 28.072 W116 42.640
Wreckage (Lucerne Valley) N34 32.811 W116 40.303
Slash X Bar/Grille N34 45.605 W117 00.607
Sand Track (Cougar Buttes) N34 28.736 W116 49.098
Hodge Road N 34 44.345 W 117 08.065
Dale Evans Parkway N 34 39.120 W 117 13.521
Randsburg (the town itself) N 35 22.098 W 117 39.391
Searles Cutoff Staging (Red Mountain) N35 31.002 W117 39.545
Charlie’s Place (AKA Wagon Wheel,@ Red Mountain/Trona Rd.) N35 34.335 W117 32.939
Husky Monument N 35 13 12 W 117 19 00
El Mirage N 34 37.577 W 117 32.904
Dago N 35 08.347 W 117 51.462
Phelan Ridge Sand Hill 34°22'58.29"N 117°33'23.82"W
Hilltop Cafe staging area 34°23'24.57"N 117°34'30.82"W
Phelan Play Track 34°23'50.44"N 117°31'11.48"W
Rasor Rd.
Camp (Were we camp) N35° 5.579' W116° 7.693'
Trees N35° 5.423' W116° 7.71'
Sand Bowl (Half Pipe) N35° 4.660' W116° 9.318'
Gravesite N35° 2.742' W116° 9.891'
Desert Megaphone N35° 1.382' W116° 11.904'
Outside California City off of 20 Mule Team Rd
Campsite N35° 15.709' W117° 49.362'
Campsite N35° 15.207' W117° 49.457'
Campsite N35° 12.285' W117° 49.079'
Campsite N35° 11.332' W117° 52.278'
Campsite (By a Huge Water Container) N35° 14.975' W117° 46.777'
Copper City Rd. - Near Barstow
Camp (Were we camp) N35° 4.277' W116° 59.265'
Spider (Halloween Decoration) N35° 9.607' W117° 4.953'
Superior Dry Lake Bed N35° 14.937' W117° 1.152'
Fossil Canyon N35° 2.757' W117° 6.919'
Owl Canyon N35° 1.213' W117° 0.963'
Rainbow Basin N35° 2.088' W117° 2.206'
So Cal Mountain areas
Cajon Pass Staging area (by RR tracks) 34°19'57.57"N 117°28'44.51"W
Cleghorn Rd. Staging Area 34°17'58.63"N 117°27'24.05"W
Silverwood Lake North Dam Staging Area 34°18'18.54"N 117°18'38.61"W
Catcus Flats Staging Area (Big Bear) 34°17'53.29"N 116°47'45.18"W
Willow Creek Staging Area (Arrowhead) 34°17'52.08"N 117°12'1.57"W
Kennedy Meadows
Kennedy Meadows – Fish Creek Overflow Campground N36 03.930 W118 13.417
Kennedy Meadows – General Store N36 01.111 W118 07.417
Kennedy Meadows Turn off from US 395 N35 50.530 W117 52.486
Mammoth / Eastern Sierra Mtns.
Glass Creek Campground (Ride from camp) 37°45'6.43"N 118°59'17.59"W
Algodones Dunes ( Glamis ) North End
The Mythical Water Fountain N 32 49.55 W 114 57.53
Plane Crash Site N 32 52.22 W 115 02.53
Cahuilla Ranger Station (Gecko Road) N 32 58.44 W 115 10.30
Glamis Store N 32 59.76 W 115 04.37
Crazy Craigs (formerly Dirty Bobs) N 32 59.52 W 115 04.10
Wash 10 (shortcut to Boardmanville) N 32 58.81 W 115 02.77
Boardmanville (Tavern/general store N 32 59.14 W 115 02.06
Osborne Overlook N 32 59.01 W 115 07.96
Gecko Road Camp sites:
Pad #1: N 32 57.97 W 115 10.23
Pad #2: N 32 57.24 W 115 09.68
Pad #3: N 32 55.92 W 115 08.18
Pad #4: N 32 55.13 W 115 07.28
Keyhole Campground: N 32 54.83 W 115 06.94
Roadrunner Campground: N 32 54.68 W 115 07.01
Gecko Campground: N 32 56.49 W 115 08.40
The Big Hills:
Competition Hill: N 32 59.04 W 115 07.66
Oldsmobile Hill: N 32 57.77 W 115 05.96
Brawley Slide: N 32 56.65 W 115 04.82
Lizard Hill: N 32 55.57 W 115 04.04
China Wall: N 32 54.48 W 115 02.19
The Wall: N 32 53.25 W 115 01.47
K-12: N 32 58.66 W 115 07.65
Banshee Point: N 32 57.64 W 115 06.34
Honda Point: N 32.56.65 W 115.05.39
South Dunes, Buttercup and Gordons Well:
Patton Valley: N 32 46.83 W 114 56.88
Dune Buggy Flats: N 32 43.10 W 114 56.16
Plank Road Monument: N 32 42.72 W 115 08.14
Midway Well: N 32 42.95 W 114 54.89
Buttercup Comp Hill: N 32 43.82 W 114 52.86

Ocotillo Wells
5 Palms N33 14.953 W116 06.388 426
Adobe Hut N33 15.001 W116 00.997 42
Artisian Well N33 09.997 W115 56.653 105
Blow Sand (Top) N33 09.670 W116 09.391 538
Blu-In N33 07.515 W116 02.661 18
Bus Man N33 15.165 W116 00.713 36
Desert Ironwoods N33 09.027 W116 10.877 346
Gas Dome N33 10.696 W115 56.996 142
Pumpkin Patch N33 13.378 W116 04.101 197
Shell Reef N33 11.368 W116 04.078 306
Phone booth 33 18'5.22"N 116 1'47.46"W

Sand Mountain 39° 17.99 N 118 24.04 W
Moon Rocks 39° 50' 44" N 119° 44' 37" W


Juniper Dunes (BLM), Washington N48°21'03.08" W118°56'45.75"
Horn Rapids ORV Park, Washington N46°21'03.16" W119°20'48.94"
Morrow County ORV Park N45° 01.3934 W119° 40.6074
Winome-Frazier OHV Complex, Oregon N45°09'30.20" W118°38'25.83
Oregon Dunes National Rec Park, Oregon N43°56'19.89" W124°08'03.73"
Sand Lake Dunes, Oregon N45°17'14.44" W123°57'30.72"

North Central

South Central



Attica Indiana - The Badlands 40 16'20.00 N 87 16'00.00 W

Mission San Fernando 29° 58.25N 115° 15.62W
Mission San Vicente Ferrer 31° 19.84N 116° 15.62W Elevation 330 ft/100.6 mts
Mission Santo Domingo turn off 30° 44.79N 116° 00.13W
Mission San Javier 25° 51.70N 111° 32.62W Elevation 1408 ft/429 mts
Waterfall on the Rio Loreto 25° 59.33N 111° 26.01W
Mission Nuestra Señora de Loreto 26° 00.60N 111° 20.62W
Cabo Pulmo National Park 23° 24.22N 109° 25.36W Great Clamming Beach
Bahia Concepcion 26° 32.32N 111° 44.12W Elevation 29 ft/8.9 mts
The Cristos Cardon Cataviña area 29° 46.66N 114° 46.89W
Bahia Coyote Rock Art 26° 42.51N 111° 54.37W
Santa Rosalia Parque Morelos 27° 20.26N 112° 15.93W
Mission San Ignacio Kadakaaman 27° 16.90N 112° 53.63W
Mission San Borja 28° 44.66N 113° 45.26W
El Marmol Onyx Schoolhouse 30° 44.43N 115° 59.67W
Punta Gaspareño 23° 00.99N 110° 05.54W
28th Parallel Statue 28° 00.07N 114° 00.82W
Cataviña Rock Art 29° 45.12N 114° 44.57W
Playa Encinitas, Bahia Concepcion 26° 44.76N 111° 53.69W
Hotel California, Todos Santos 23° 26.94N 110° 13.54W
Cabo Falso Lighthouse 22° 52.68N 109° 57.70W
Tres Virgenes Volcano Vizcaino Biosphere 27° 27.36N 112° 31.69W Elevation 1333 ft/411 mts
Tecate Border Crossing 32° 34.53N 116° 37.64W
Rancho Santa Teresa Sierra de San Francisco Rock Art 27° 36.77N 113° 04.01W
Playa El Gallo, Mulege BS 26° 51.33N 111° 54.58W
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Just FYI for those of you that don't have a GPS you can just use google it'll map it out for you. Just enter the GPS Coordinates like this

N 35 12.951 W 117.059

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dodgerblu wrote:
2BlueHeelers wrote:
high desert wrote:
Here are a couple of my favorite Northern Nevada riding spots.

Sand Mountain 39° 17.99 N 118 24.04 W

Moon Rocks (Hungry Valley) 39° 50' 44" N 119° 44' 37" W

I'll add more later.

P.S. Don't tell anyone.;)

MAN! Not Moon Rocks!! **** You!
Moon Rocks?? Inquiring minds want to know!!!!

Funny, I have a blond wife but don't post on my profile. Now I guess if the carpet match the drapes you have bragging rights. LOL
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Every National Park in Colorado. A $25 yearly permit will get you in and as long as you stay on NF roads and mapped trails you are fine. There are thousands of miles and all categories from hills to 6-8 ft boulders. Bring your large jets because most are above 8000 ft and I've found my 750 is actually too heavy. It will climb like a goat but sure hurts when you are under it. Please stay on mapped trails as Co is on the verge of banning ATVs due to ever increasing violations by Riders who go off the trails. It is High Desert and slow growth plus it disturbs wildlife such as Elk and Mountain Lions. Some is the most beautiful isolated area in the US.

As a newbie to SoCal, this is great resource. Thank you for the information.
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judelaurenzo25g wrote:
You can officially take Dale Evens Parkway off the list. I got a definate answer, it is private property and you will be sited.

Dear Miranda;

You heard correctly, it is private property, you can ride on private
property but you need written permission from the landowner.I suggest you
go up farther to Hodge Road and exit to the right this will take you to
Stoddard Valley OHV Recreational Area and you can ride and camp legally.

Hope this helps you in your endeavor to keep the law. Thank you for your
interest in The Bureau of Land Management Recreational Opportunities.

Lillie Cooper
Contact Representative
Barstow Field Office

You can ride through there on a dual sport but don't stage there. If you're on your dirt bike over there don't stop and you won't be cited just saying.
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Does anyone know a good place to take a quad and dune buggy off road near Portland Oregon or SW Washington?

Just looking for some fun trails, or perhaps some forest service roads that are open to some street legal driving, that have some great overlooks, and I will not get in trouble for starting the grass on fire.

I have a Manx streeet legal buggy, and am also looking for a place to ride a quad.


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I havn't been everywhere, but it's on my list. Alkaline water

Slades' Park Surry Co. Va.

36.8828, -83.1971

Black Mountain Off-Road Park, Harlan County, KY
Bailey's Creek Trailhead, Evarts, KY
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Explorer II
Explorer II
anybody ever compile a similar list for places like this that have the ability for us boondockers to swim?

Hi, I am Reno Deano a member of the Reno, NV Dust Devils MC (dualsport). Many off-road riding areas are hi-lited on our DDMC Forum page, that can be accessed via our Website page:

Dust Devils MC

Go to the Forums page and click on "Riding & Staging Areas" forum.

Happy trails folks.

Also, do not forget we put on the greatest in West dualsport ride:

Ride Reno 200 in September this year. Click on the RR200 tab on the main menu of the DDMC site to see what it is all about.

Ride Reno 200 Video


this is awesome. Now we can go ride different places besides the 10 usual spots. thanks

Virtue Flat riding area, Baker city oregon,
Blue mountain OHV trails system, Baker county oregon,
Cathrine creek riding area and snow park. baker Oregon
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Wolf Pen Gap ATV/UTV Trails outside of Mena Arkansas.

34.497863, -94.087982

Stay at Coyote Canyon Campground.
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I dont have GPS coordinates but it the only legal riding I know of in Ohio aside from private property. Very family oriented and great people there.

One to put in the south central region. Cow Bayou area 3/3a, although it is knows as Jolly Rogers. (right down the road from Jolly Rogers marina, which does have RV hookups) Tent camping allowed, Dry RV camping, 10 miles of trails with plenty of mud, best part, its free. google coordinates are 31.845118,-93.82041

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