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Tires on a 5th wheel and aggravation

This is not a request for help, rather an experience to share.
Tenth year in our 3rd 5th Wheel. We had 2 blowouts in the first due to old tires, my fault.
This 5th wheel is less than 5 years old and we had 3 blowouts, explosions on the way from Maine to Florida this year. The damage to the camper was almost $500. DOT dates are 5 years old. They have less than 5000 miles. A 4th tire blew up while attached to the back of the RV, not even on the ground.
These are China bomb tires, Castle Rock. We tried to claim a warranty but so far, we might see $210 for 2 tires. We submitted photos of DOT numbers for 3 tires. The distributor responds the tires exploded because they were overloaded. Yep, that explains why one did not leak on the back of the camper, rather it freaking exploded, as in gun shot exploded.

The point is , when you buy, demand the best tires. It is no fun crawling around under a camper when you are 74, it is 29F outside and the 18 wheelers want to give you a sway.

If a tire blows up, take lots of photos including the brand of tire, size, damage, DOT number which is only on one side, 4 numerical digits, as in 0519, 5th week year 2019.

My RV dealer in Maine reports the new RVs are arriving with good tires. Good news.

Advice to RV dealers; do not send a camper down the road with China bombs. Know your customers, they will not think highly of you if you sell RVs with junk tires.

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