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Truck Bed camera

Explorer III
Explorer III

I have a new to me 2016 F350 and a tri-fold tonno cover. I cannot see the hitch because of the center headrest on the rear seat. I don't really want to remove the headrest. So, I was wondering what kind of camera people are using to view the hitch when hooking up their fifth wheel? I bought a cheap one off of fleabay but not sure if it is going to work. Thanks all.

2016 4X4 F350,CC,SB,Lariat,6.7L diesel,
2015 Coachmen Chapparal 324 TSRK
B&W Patriot 16K hitch.

Explorer II
Explorer II

@shadows4  I do the same as @StirCrazy . Mines a Ram 2500 and I've found that looking in the rear view mirror and lining up the pin on the 5er between the 2 plastic molds (that the head rest pushes down into) I'm centered every time.

Safe Travels and see ya round the campfire.

Nomad III
Nomad III

ya, I had to take the head rest off for the all of the 15 seconds it takes.  I keep it behind the rear seat during 5th wheel season then put it on when winter comes.  but having said that I only have 2 peoplw max in the back as the middle is for the dog.  

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2016 Cougar 330RBK
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Our 2020 f250 lariat come with a camera mounted to the 3rd break light from the factory. It is pointed at the 5th wheel hitch from the factory. It went down about a year after we purchased the truck, but was replaced by a factory recall. I’m sure there is probably a retrofit for your truck.