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2005 weekend warrior fs2600 frame repairs

i know there is a sticky about this lawsuit, but that has came and gone,..i recently baught a 2005 ww fs2600 toyhauler that has not had the work done to it,..but ive noticed some slight movement in the front panel,..curious if someone could post up s...

joedirt by Explorer II
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WW Repairs

As just about all of us have read here, certain models of WW trailers have defects that have resulted in a number of different problems. To one degree or another, this subject has come up on this forum and most of the posts have eventually been lock...

dedmiston by Moderator
  • 585 replies

Where to buy water tank fittings ?

I bought a 50 gallon tank from PlastimartIt came with threaded holes of1 1/2 inlet1/2 npt vent1/2.npt outletI looked at Menards with no luck is there any store that sells fittings for my tank?Menards only had mil fittingsI'm leaving town this weekend...

Trailer rental

Hopefully I chose the right category to ask this question. My husband and I are going to travel from Winnemacca NV to Port Angeles WA to pick some things from his parents. We need to rent a utility trailer.The question is whether to rent it in NV and...

TreeDee by Explorer
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2009 Weekend Warrior pin box/ frame question.

I apologize up front if this has been answered somewhere before.I have a 2009 CR3705 5th wheel toy hauler. I am converting it from 5th wheel to gooseneck.I really like the gen y hitches, as well as the shocker.My current pin box is a Fabex 765, BUT, ...

Towing a 40’ weekend warrior 4005 flt.

OK I’m getting mixed reviews on towing my trailer. I have a 98 2500 Chevy diesel but I don’t plan on hauling it with that since I’m getting rid of it but I’m considering either another 2500 HD or 3500 Can I use a 3-4 ton pull the trailer safely or s...

bpconversion goose neck conversion

anyone have any experience with are the same price as a hensly or pro pride and i already have a gooseneck ball in the bed. this dune sport is 12'6" tall so it catch's a fair amount of wind and can still move my drw...

dsrace by Explorer
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2007 Desert Fox 24AS Ramp Hinge

I have a broken hinge on the ramp door of my 2007 Desert Fox 24AS which I bought new in 2009. I've contacted Northwood and they were of no help identifying the parts I need. I've contacted Lippert and they say that they need information from the labe...

Any ideas for a light while grilling?

I did a quick search for a suction light that I can direct onto my grill at night. I would suction it to the side of my rig, and angle it properly.Anyone have a link for a light for night grilling?

blaczero by Explorer
  • 8 replies

purchased a custom dune sport toyhauler

We purchased a custom dune sport toyhauler. received it in early oct, sadly only had time for one trip. this is the only company that i know of that actually allows one to draw your own floor plan, down to the floor tie downs. this floor plan is my d...

dsrace by Explorer
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Toy Hauler legend has passed

I'm having trouble finding any news articles to substantiate this, but viral social media is reporting that Weekend Warrior founder, Mark Warmoth, passed away this weekend.Mark was a legend in the industry and his Weekend Warrior brand was the leader...

Forest River RV XLR Boost 37TSX13? Any owners on here?

I am looking for a toy hauler with an enclosed garage, and a nearby dealer has a Forest River XLR Boost 37TSX13 for a decent price. Does anyone own one, or have an opinion on this RV? I like the floor plan and it is a triple axle with 5000 lb cargo...

3TV by Explorer
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2006 Weekend Warrior Billet,FD-402, 23’ toy hauler

Need help finding specifications for 2006 Weekend Warrior 23 foot, Billet EDI , model FD-402 ?I inherited this trailer from my father. I can’t even find the tongue weight for this Toy Hauler?Any specs , I can find !If anybody has the answer, or point...

Couch ripped out of wall

I have Thor toy hauler and one end of the couch was ripped out of the wall. It looks like a 2 foot piece of square tubing just in there that the couch is screwed to! So am I to believe that the thin piece of Luan plywood holds that up? I see styrofoa...

Lanab by Explorer
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