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Host Rainier

Hi all, we're currantly looking at an '06 with 2 slides and I like the added room. Allthough our 2001 Lance 1010 is serving us well it can get cramped at times. Just wanting to know opinions of the Host camper in question.. Thanks all

F350mule by Explorer
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Resolved! FOUR Campgrounds We Stayed At On The Way Home

Bluewater Lake State Park NMMaryhill State Park WALa Pine State Park ORDeath Valley CAAll these campgrounds were nice to stay at. I do complain about Maryhill for high price with everything being turned off and closed. Just a single Porta potty outsi...

Camper type wood burning stove for home...

To clarify, I am not intending to put one in my camper (I do not have one anymore...)...but, I recall an article or topic post some years ago about an upscale camper (I think it was a TC) that had a very modern, sleek and efficient wood burner it it....

d3500ram by Explorer III
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Leaky Faucet

The kitchen faucet has developed a leak and an annoying drip into the sink. Does one just replace the stem washers like a regular faucet? How do the handles come off to access the stem?

Vintage campers and tailgate widths

About what year did pickup trucks change from 65” between the tailgate posts to 60”?edit - more searching than the all the first searching before I started this thread found a post with the info I needed in the first place

noteven by Explorer III
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Ordering a Chev 3500 (Oct 2023)

I've been bouncing around ideas for truck campers for a few years and finally decided on one. (Thanks to many on for the education.) As you all know it's not a great time to buy anything, especially a truck but after waiting for 3 years I dec...

cptqueeg by Explorer II
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New to me Lance Legend 945

Good morning, I'm new here and wanted to share my new to me camper and talk about it a little. I am upgrading from my '94 Lance Squire 8000 to a' 96 Lance Legend 945. Old camper worked well, has been in the family since brand new, but with my family ...

Lance Factory Tour

Toured the Lance factory last week. Was lots of fun! Also interesting to see how they apply new technology to design and construction.In our opinion, Lance makes good products. Our Lance truck camper is celebrating it's 25th anniversary this year ...