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Truck in front of the camper

I've been out of the truck camper world for a few years but want to get back into it before I get too old to enjoy it. Looking to buy an older Chevy 3500 w/ an 8.1 gas motor. Want to make sure I can handle any camper I will find. Hoping to do just s...

mkletka by Explorer
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New to truck campers

We have been RVing for the past 17 years. We have owned 2 popups, a Class A and numerous Travel Trailers. We sold our Travel Trailer last month and are thinking about a TC. I have a F150 with the 5.5' bed and Eco Boost engine. Are there any small...

Avion truck campers - Hundreds of photos

Without going into too much painful detail, we had a mishap several week-ends ago. While working with sand bag crews on the Mississippi River, the truck and camper fell into the flood waters as a road collapsed. Because of a number of issues dealing ...

67avion by Explorer II
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Make line on driveway for camper loading?

Although I've done it for years, I'm trying to simplify loading my camper by myself in my old age. Recently I laid a string along the tires before offloading and that definitely helped when loading again. However, the string didn't last in wet weat...

Need RAM 5500 flat bed height

Does anyone know the height of the flatbed on a stock 2022+ RAM 5500? Doing a new build and considering the Backstop kit, but want to stay under 13'6" if possible, so trying to figure out how high the stock RAM 5500 is.

Truck Camper Adventure Rally.. speakers

Mike is looking for speakers at the upcoming 2024 TCA Rally, if you have great knowledge or being a expert in any of the open spots please contact Mellow Mike through his website. Check at this link for open speaker spots... TCA Rally Please leave ...

Anyone put a truck camper on a trailer?

Well, the tech sector layoffs got me. Thankfully a previous boss of mine threw me a lifeline. Not as much money, but it is a very good place to work.So, I'm looking at to buy a flat trailer I can put a truck camper on. Then when money permits, buy...

mlts22 by Explorer
  • 14 replies

Pop up truck camper canvas metal trim

I've killed the internet looking for the trim pieces that hold the bottom of the canvas to the camper, I'm replacing the canvas on our Northstar and Northstar has been worthless, I figure it's universal but there isn't anything out the like what I to...

Flat towing with your truck camper

Hello all.I am preparing a Jeep to flat tow out west this winter. I have it all ready to go except I can not decided on a portable brake controller. Looking seriously at the Blue Ox but would greatly appreciate hearing other peoples opinions on this ...

GULFMAN by Explorer
  • 18 replies

VIDEO: Truck Camper Chores Getting Travel Ready

VIDEO Truck Camper Chores Getting Travel Ready VIDEOBeen busy doing a ton of truck work. Fixing engine issues, ignition issues. Muffler, All 4 disc brakes. Now I'm rounding the corner doing all the caulking and sealing the exterior getting ready for ...

Truck Camper Trip Reports – V3.0

IntroductionThis sticky thread is designed to capture a selection of trip reports members have created over the years. There is a lot of great stuff out there and it would be a real pity for it to be lost because people could no longer find it.Big th...

kohldad by Explorer III
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