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My life's next chapter

Hi all y'all!I’m finally starting my life’s next chapter. I just purchased this RV yesterday, by June it will be my new home. I didn’t pay much for it (the truth is I couldn’t afford to pay much). Fortunately, starting at the age of 10 with bicycles,...

Need help in Calvert City, KY

We are in the Kentucky Dam Village Campground in Calvert City, KY and are in need of a mobile service technician. We have contacted the only one we could find and due to a misunderstanding in communication we don't think he will come to our assistanc...

Gathering of information

Like the title says gathering information on possible going full-time. So would like a good group to help answer questions. Just my husband and me. Nothing has been bought.Husband did find a fifthwheel he liked. He likes the GD 398th. I'm liking but,...

Counties in Florida that allow full-time on own property?

We're in Putnam County FL on a relative's property but found out after we moved in that I was misreading the county zoning ordinances and we really aren't permitted to live here full-time.I've not found any FL counties that allow living full-time on ...

SlowBro by Explorer III
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Sewer smell

We are noticing a smell of sewer intermittently. we have thoroughly cleaned the black tank, including dumping 3 five gallon pails of water down the toilet. we also used 2 deodorizers. Help please

dutchev by Explorer
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Insurance on storage units

A little background: we made a quick decision to RV full time. House sold MUCH faster than we thought. I have had 2 surgeries since we sold 1 1/2 yrs ago and am having another surgery June 7. In the last 1 1/2 yrs we have rented a room from our goo...

Getting Warranty Service While Living In Your RV

What is the typical process for getting warranty service, or non-warranty service, while living in your RV full time? I have a 2 year warranty on my Jayco trailer and I am at almost 6 months. There are a lot of small items and some bigger items tha...

Do Many Full-Timers Keep 2 Stationary Trailers?

I'm living in a trailer in North Carolina for the summer (nice weather) and I plan to go back to South Texas for the winter. The idea occurred to me that it would be possible to have one trailer in the north and one in the south and commute between ...


we have a 2017 montana. i was told by the rv waxing person that off white color is the hardest to to work with. he said he needed to compound it the polish and wax it. then wash and wax it every 6 months to keep it up. 1,100 for this. what are your t...

dutchev by Explorer
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F/T RVer Health Insurance - Feedback

Anyone have experience with getting private nationwide health insurance from rverinsurance.com and the broker/agent Mike Neighbours? (private - not Obama Care / ACA)Specifically health insurance issued by New Era Insurance and its Philadelphia Americ...

MedCad by Explorer
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Traveling and Workamping in Calif.... DMV info...

I have received some PM's and emails with questions regarding this topic........There has been many rumors on the "20 day rule" of being here in the state and being required to register your vehicle here and get a Ca. DL. Below are some facts. Questi...

firedude by Explorer
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question about 2011 Gulfstream thermostat

Hello. in my 2011 Gulfstream, do not understand how to set temp and keep place warm without having to turn it off and on manually.I have gone over manuals but nothing in there. The settings are : Under "System" , cool. fan, off heat, and under "Fan" ...