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Travel to see Redwood Trees in California

On my personal bucket list is to see giant redwood trees in California over the next couple years. I need some recommendations of where and when to go?Yosemite Redwood's vs. Sequoia National Park - anyone have recommendations or pictures to share?Wha...

RVing with Anxious Dog over Holiday

We are traveling with our 3 year old rescue lab over the holiday season.  She gets very anxious for unusual loud noises like fireworks. We are nervous to be away from her comfort items and more "exposed" out in a campground. Any tips for managing her...

Wildsam's new Northern Michigan Guide

I am a huge fan of Wildsam and they just released a new guide to Northern Michigan. Wildsam Northern Michigan GuideMy favorite sections of the guide are the road trips that they plan for you and the interviews of locals that give great insight into t...

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