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Have you replaced your shower Glass ?

Explorer II
Explorer II

My shower glass and enclosure are worn out and stained and need to be replaced.

I found 3 companies that will do the work.

One of them claims to have done a lot of them and wants to install the glass like you would in a house with metal framing only where the glass attaches to the walls and the top of the glass 3/8 tempered glass and using clips and silicone on the bottom.  

MY current enclosure has all 3 pieces enclosed in metal, which seems to be more stable.

So my question is has anyone replaced their shower enclosure without using metal framing on all sides of each panel and if yes how did it hold up ?

Here is a pic of what he wants to do.IMG_9985.jpeg

JCat & PCat
2004 Mandalay 40D
CAT C7 350 HP

Traveler II
Traveler II

Just a guess, but in an RV I would think long and hard about not having metal framing the entire length. I am sure this is fine in a stix and brix house that isn't subjected to an earthquake all day long, but in an RV I would think it's a good way to end up with a lot of broken glass. 

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