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How long do tow bars last and should they be re-built/replaced?


My Ready Brute Elite tow bars are about 10 years old. We travel an average of 10,000 miles a year towing our CRV. While they still work fine, I was wondering about the lifespan of these. They show normal outside wear, they go in a bin or the garage when not in use, but I still question the wear I can't see. Has anyone ever sent theirs back to theirs manufacturer to have them inspected/refurbished?



Jeff - 2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

Explorer II
Explorer II

Blue ox told me that 10 years was the limit. I would bring it to the, for service every couple years

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Explorer II
Explorer II

Well, like u said , Ready - Brute - Elite.  
i would think its ‘ready’ to tow, because it’s a ‘brute’ plus it’s in a class of it’s own, ‘Elite’

If its not showing wear and you feel no ‘slop’ when you’re muscling it, seems good IMO.
  I would hope a respected hitch manufacturer would ‘alert’ customers if parts were known to wear. If they were experiencing a high volume of replacement of a part.   
    Think about all the people towing toads that buy used equipment.  Do they ask about mileage and what year it was manufactured ?  Probably not and all those bars are probably working .  

I pay attention to inspect the rv hitch and toad base-plate.