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Route Suggestions from Northern AZ to the Olympic Peninsula


My husband and I will be towing our 37 foot fifth-wheel in September 2024 from our home outside of Flagstaff, AZ to the Salt Creek Recreation Area outside of Port Angeles. Looking for route guidance and would prefer to avoid long, desolate stretches as my husband has some health challenges and heaven forbid we have a flat tire or mechanical issues. Thanks for any help.


Explorer III
Explorer III

Sounds like you do not want to be too far from a town or services.

I-40 west to Barstow.  CA 158 to Bakersfield.  I-5 north.

There are services every 10-15 miles all the way up I-5.  

I-40 has a couple stretches of 60 miles or so between services.

US 395 through California or US 95 through Nevada has some remote stretches.     


So many campsites, so little time...

Thank you! Definitely a route to consider.


Most states out west have areas of little population , Nevada, Colorado, Idaho and the east side of both WA and OR have long stretches unpopulated areas.  From where you  are, my best guess is that heading west to LA and heading north along the I-5 corridor would be your best bet for staying reasonably close to medical care and big rig repair. Good luck.