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Anyone still have AT&T Mobley Unlimited Data Plan? Help


I am grandfathered into AT&T’s ZTE Mobley Connect Car unlimited data plan. It has worked very well for the last 5 or 6 years. I am extremely happy with it. And want to be very careful not to lose my grandfather status. However, now that 2 grandchildren will be traveling with us there is more need for more devices to be on the Mobley hotspot Wi-Fi.  Mobley has a limit of 5 devices that can be connected.

If I remember correctly from a number of years ago several people had taken the Sim card out of the AT&T Mobley and put it in a Netgear hotspot router or a different hotspot. Is there anyone out there still using the Mobley in a different hotspot router that can connect more than 5 devices at a time? If so what brand/model hotspot do you recommend?

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I too have had Mobley since almost day one.   Several years ago, I took the card out of the Mobley and put it in a Netgear router.  It supports up to 20 concurrent users.  There are only two of us, so we usually have about 6/7 items connected at anyone time. Speed is much better than  the  Mobley too. The Netgear router I have is a Nighthawk M1  ( MR1100).    ( Hope that helps--- I seldom come on this site anymore since they changed the format, so goodluck) 

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Here is a link to am older discussion (which you participated in) about moving the SIM to a NetGear Router.

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