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Shaw Direct Satellite

We are going to be Snowbirds in Las Vegas from Canada this year after a five year break. When we were south before we were able to get Shaw Direct satellite TV. Checking on the internet I have seen some people saying it is no longer possible to get a signal in the US. Is this true? I know Shaw does not support any use of their equipment there but is anyone still using their satellite dish in Las Vegas? We are not able to use any satellite at our Canadian location so we do not one to sign up for satellite if unable to use in in the US.

Nomad II
Nomad II
Check for up-to-date info.

At this time, nobody is sure when F2 is going to fall out of the sky (it has no fuel to maintain its orbit. It's not going to fall, just drift too far off station for a fixed dish to pick it up).

We had F2 in Florida all last winter. It's possible it will last this winter coming too. It's also possible it won't last - nobody knows. Shaw has another satellite G1 that will provide coverage in Canada and northern USA for the next few years.

Vegas will be the same as Florida. If someone is saying they can't get Shaw Direct in Vegas RIGHT NOW, they're wrong.

I don’t really know the latest info.
When we were using it Shaw put up a second high def satellite that could not cover the US. The old one still could but will eventually be fazed out.

Again, don’t take my word for it. This is old info.