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woman travelling alone

Hello all, newbie Canuck just joined this weekend. After tons of research, test-drives and formal inspections, I've finally bought a wee Class B for myself. Any constructive advice for a woman travelling solo? I've heard everything from "you're brave...

Truck camper or 5th wheel

Last kid graduates HS in 15 months and we’re planning on joining the road travel world. Have only tent camped up to this point and not sure where to start in the RV world. I’m really hoping to be able to tow a boat, but don’t know if that’s realistic...

Tire covers?

Firstly do tire covers help, not much or a lot?What should I look for when buying tire covers?Any recommendations on which ones to buy or stay away from?Thanks, Phil

2018 StarCraft GPS

I have an issue with the furnace on my camper and I wanted to see if anyone had an electrical diagram for a 2018 StarCraft GPS before I start tracing wires? We camped in the warmer months this year and didn’t use the furnace. I checked it this week t...

Tideman1 by Explorer II
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I have a disgusting problem… HELP!!!

This first part of my post is a rant, as I can’t believe what was done to us and our property… feel free to skip to the third paragraph to avoid my vitriol… on we go…We had some “guests” on our rural property, staying in their RV. Well, it began as o...

Pressure Reducing Regulator Setting

I’ve purchase an adjustable Pressure Reducing Regulato for my 2012 Cruiser Fun Finder X-189FBS camp trailer.I was told I needed one when using the City Water line so as to not be bursting my pipe fittings with too high of City Water pressure coming i...

How to reconnect awning lever?

The latch lever is not in the loop. It's been this way since we've had it and just use the long strap rod to push it up to unroll. How can I fix this WITHOUT disassembling the awning arm?THANKS!

Weight distribution

Hello all, just bought my first new toy hauler. I plan on hauling my side by side in the back. I have weight distribution bars and sway bars on a 2 5/16 hitch. Dry weight is 5262 and GVWR is 7,668. This gives me a cargo weight of 2,406. Side by side ...

Full-Time Alaska TT Living

Hi, I'm looking for some advice on getting a rig for up in Alaska. I currently live in the Palmer area, but I'll be moving up to Fairbanks next year abouts. I'm looking at 2 models, the Northwood Nash 22H and the Grand Design Imagine XLS 18RBE, and...

BMS Questions

If I have a 12vdc 100AH battery that has a BMS in it that is 100A max discharge, does this mean if I parallel two of them together I can do a max 200A discharge now?I want to make sure my BMS will support my batteries and the discharge rates that wil...

RV A/C Efficiencies

Anybody got some tips/ hacks to improving an RV AC efficiency?I'm not an A/C guy by no means, and have little knowledge to how they even work. Is there any way to improve theyre efficiency? Either in terms of actual watt usage or colder/faster air fl...