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Coachmen "Solar Ready"- Lazy question.

Lazy post for quick answer:

I got the solar panel, the controller, all the right plugs and read the solar directions (BE SURE TO CONNECT THE BATTERY FIRST, AND THE PANEL SECOND).

So, I plug in the controller to a Forrest River Travel Trailer and the controller does not come on. (Yes, I pushed and held the button).

The lazy question: Are there some connections that need to be made "inside the camper" to connect the "Solar Ready" plug to the batteries.

Unfortunately I am away from the camper- I need to confirm if there is/isn't power to the port (possibly my plug isn't connecting), and I am digging on internet manuals for additional info- but didn't stumble on a quick answer.

Simple question- do you normally have to connect the solar plug "inside the camper" or is it "always" pre-wired?


After additional research- I'm thinking there's two possibilities.

1. Saw a video that suggested that solar plugs were often wired backwards to support a scam that "you must only use OUR solar systems, as others won't work".

2. Some suggestions here that the plug is not really connected to the batteries.

3. Yeah, need to get to the camper with my electric tester.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Make sure the wire is of adequate size.

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Nomad II
Nomad II
It just means there are wires. They are not connected at the battery end. Mine were to the roof via fridge vent from the battery compartment and were #10 wire. At the battery box there was coil of wire.
Regards, Don
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