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Guidelines for Park owners posting in Workamping

Under the general Usage Rules, these forums are for members to members only and commercial enterprises and/or their representatives are not allowed to post in these forums.
An exception has been made for this forum.
This forum is for the purpose for the members to post their availability, questions and experiences regarding Workamping.
This is the ONLY forum that Campgrounds and/or their representatives are allowed to post in and identify themselves by name.
Please choose a member name that does NOT associate with your park if you intend to post elsewhere in the forums besides the Workcampers Forum.
Posts by Campgrounds in this forum must be strictly in regards to workamping, positions open and a short description of said positions.
Salaries should be handled off site via Private Messages, Emails or phone calls.
Posts by campgrounds in ANY of the other forums in which the park is identified are NOT allowed and will be considered advertising and will be removed and may jeopardize your membership.

Negative posts, comments and reviews about member parks should be answered privately, NOT IN THE FORUMS!

This is covered in the "Guidelines for our park owner/members" topic posted at the top of the Campground Section.

If you have any questions, send a private message to "Admin" (Not "Administrator)