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Reserve America "Rainy Day" refunds

Explorer II
Explorer II
I just received an email from Reserve America promoting their new "Rainy Day Refund" program. For a small fee you can have your daily campsite rental fee refunded If it rains for all or portions of the day you have reserved. Apparently a company named Sensible Weather will determine what portion of your camp day had weather that stopped you from enjoying outside activities and refund that amount. I emailed Sensible Weather and asked if I was on day 3 of a 5 day stay, and it rained, would I have to leave for the day and return the next day if it was nice in order to get a refund. The reply said no, I could stay and would be refunded for the portion of the day that outside activities were hindered. I'm going to all Reserve America tomorrow to see if this is a scam or an authorised offer. Oh in my case it would cost $2.69 per day to protect the 5 days in mid May I have reserved, through Reserve America at Salisbury State beach campground in Salisbury Ma.
Apparently the cost of this " protection" varies by time of the year and location the reservation is made. Now this is my current understanding of how this thing is supposed to work, not exactly how it is done, if it is done at all.
Has anybody else received this email?
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This is a total scam.   Don't give them your money, because they don't pay out.

We booked 3 days at 4 mile creek state park in youngstown, ny.    6/7/24 - 6/9/24

Friday: Rain on and off, mostly light - medium, but consistent.

Saturday was pretty nice. No rain until evening.  We went to bed early and let it pour at night.

Sunday the weather wasn't 'forecasted' to rain, but as we watched the storm coming over the lake we spent the rest of the afternoon in the camper while it literally poured, however they had already made the determination that I was not going to get reimbursed for the day before I even woke up because it was not FORCASTED to rain.    This makes me fall off my chair laughing that anyone would put that much faith in the weather forecast.

Based on REALITY, I would have expected at least a partial reimbursement for Friday because it Easily rained for 3+ hours, and a full reimbursement for Sunday.

I'm just glad Life Insurance doesn't work that way.   "I'm sorry sir, but your doctors did not expect your wife to get hit by that car, so her policy won't cover the loss"

Explorer III
Explorer III
It isn't a ReserveAmerica program.

It is a 3rd party travel insurance. Sensibleweather is the insurance company. You pay them a premium for your trip and if the weather is bad during the trip, they reimburse you for the "lost enjoyment time".

What constitutes "bad weather" will be in the fine print.
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