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Super Springs Needed Towing with F-150?

In 2004, when I bought a Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi 4X4 and a Springdale 28 foot travel trailer (about 6500-6700 loaded), I thought I'd be on the safe side and had Super Springs installed on my truck.

I still have the same travel trailer and recently traded my truck for a new 2014 Ford F-140 Ext. Cab STX, 4X4, 5.0 engine, 3.73 gearing.

Would any of you have any thoughts as to whether I would really need Super Springs (or something comparable) with this new F-150 in order to tow this 6500-6700 lb. travel trailer? (I tow only about 2000 total miles in three trips during two months in the summer, and the the Super Springs on my former truck sure made the truck ride harsher during all the time I wasn't towing anything.) Would they be a necessity with this truck?

And I should mention that while I've not weighed the trailer's actual hitch weight, I don't believe it to be inordinately high by any means, given the trailer's specs, and hitch weight is probably around 1050 at most.

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My opinion is that rear suspension aides mask overloaded rear axles and complicate WDH adjustment for travel trailers. Focus on learning what a WDH does and how to adjust. The rear end of the tow vehicle takes care of itself.

Ford're recommendation for your truck is to return 50% of weight lost on your front axle. Many people with your vintage truck that have weighed their combinations adjusted per Ford's recommendations show close to overloaded rear axle on the truck well under every other rating. I would target 100% front axle weight restoration with a WDH if I had your truck. I was considering a 2011 Ecoboost F-150 prior but we favored the 3-rows of seats instead.
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I use Timbrens on my #7500 trailer. It is about #1000 tongue weight. The Timbrens help stiffen it up under load, but don't affect the ride at all when empty.
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Keep an eye on the hitch. Mine started breaking out the shank box running near max TW of 1100. The 150 receivers are like spaghetti when pushed. They "wind up" under load pretty badly. I replaced mine with a DrawTite Ultraframe receiver and life is good. Very good part!
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Use them, they don't engage unless you load it that heavy. Besides you may load something else a truck can be used for, may come in handy.
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Weight distribution hitch yes but I cannot imagine you will need helper springs unless you are also loading a cord of wood in the bed while towing.

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Timbren SES may be an option. They don't engage unless you are under load. For day to day driving, it's like they are not there.
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I wouldn't think so...not with a good WD hitch. If anything I would add airbags with the in cab controls that way you can have the load handling of the airbags and the soft cushy ride when you are not towing.

Don't forget to air up your tires to max PSI when towing. 😉
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