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Tampa, FL: Lazy question

We are planning to go to Tampa at Christmas. Our fantasy is to park the camper and spend a few days with family (and sleep at their place).

I’ve done some internet work, and haven’t found great answers.

Does anyone have relevant experience/suggestions?

What did you do?

Two footnotes:

1. Their driveway is not an option.
2. Getting a campsite and not sleeping there is an option, but the fantasy would be a campground with a “storage lot”.

Discussion welcome.

We run a storage facility in Las Vegas. 3 days is fine. You sign a month to month lease with a move in special that's costs a total of $25. Move out anytime! So, 3 days would cost $25.
Check out a site and see if there is anything available on line. Google RV covered storage in that area as well.

Thanks for the responses. We don’t spend much time in snowbird country, and this was a harsh (but appreciated) reminder that our whole trip is probably a bad idea. Out of curiosity- are there RV storage lots that would be friendly to only 3 days of storage…anywhere in the US. I’m sure there’s a few, but I figure it’s a full month and lots of paperwork.

Explorer II
Explorer II
I just Googled "RV storage lots Tampa area" and got several hits for lots.
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Are there any parking restrictions in front of you relitive's house? On the street.
I leave my MH on the street, in front of my house, and let visitors use our full service RV pad.

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Nomad III
Ken56 is correct. If you did not make a reservation last year you will not find a spot that is any good. Florida winters are typically booked at least a year in advance and the campgrounds that do have openings may not be very nice. Snowbird country is not a place to wing it. Maybe it would work in July but not the winter. Arizona is pretty much the same.

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Explorer II
You should be able to find a storage lot that you can store your camper. We've left our camper at Exit 29 Storage in Brunswick, GA (off I95) for a couple weeks while we stayed with my parents in a rental in Florida. Cost was quite reasonable.
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Can't locate a storage lot? Good luck finding a campground for that time period too. They are likely all booked by now. You have a dilemma on your hands with no good answer.