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Wet bath accessories and storage

Explorer II
Explorer II

I’ve been looking into wet baths lately as I consider what sort of RV types and layouts I’d maybe want to live in. One thing I notice is that most of the wet bath pictures I find on Google are from RVs for sale (presumably), and so they’re all pretty “blank” with not much for storage or use besides the shower, sink, toilet, and maybe a shelf built in but otherwise blank walls. How many of you, among those with wet baths, attach extra shelves/caddies, hanging hooks, etc. for more storage of all the bottles and soaps and other items you usually keep in the shower? How much accessorizing like that does the typical wet bath have or allow?


Explorer III
Explorer III

We have a wet bath in our Little Guy Max. We have 3 towel hooks for wet towels/squeegee and a wire basket for soap/shampoos. All attached with the adhesive backing that came with the hooks/basket. After 2 years, everything is holding strong. I have seen others add a corner shelf, also attached with adhesive backing.


are you looking at a truck camper?  I would accept a wet bath in one of thoes, but not a trailer or 5th wheel.  in most truck camper wet baths there is enough storage for your shaving kit and such but extra stuff you can store outside the bath in the closet or what not.  I don't add nothing except a towel hook in my wet bath

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