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Homeless Cat -- Now Spotacus' Legacy

On 18 Dec, a very large cat showed up at our house. It was late and cold, and he looked in the door and made it clear he wanted inside. Well, since we have two cats already and he was a stranger, we could not let him in the house. WLToo walked out...

Dog food

A few months ago we switched our 8 year old lab to fresh pet dog food. What a difference. She ate dry Iams before and was starting to get itchy scabby spots. Now that is all cleared up and he’s coat Is shiny and she is no longer plump. LolAnyway, wh...

DC_MC by Explorer II
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CBD oil

I would like to know if anyone is using CBD oil for anxiety in their dog. There is a vet, Dr. Michael Fox, that has a column in our Sunday paper that suggested it. I talked to my vet and they do offer it. In fact her mother is using it for her dog an...

Our Camping Fur Babies

                   Bleu                                      Kev                             Petra 

Picture - Bleu.jpeg Picture - Kevlar.jpeg Picture - Petra.jpg

RVing with Anxious Dog over Holiday

We are traveling with our 3 year old rescue lab over the holiday season.  She gets very anxious for unusual loud noises like fireworks. We are nervous to be away from her comfort items and more "exposed" out in a campground. Any tips for managing her...

Dog, Bikes, Truck - solution

Hey Guys, Hoping for some brainstorming! 3 senior dogs2 adults/ 2 kids 4 bikesDispersed camping (gas cans, water cans, cooler) What are your setups for the pups and bikes attached to the truck? Prior theft issues have made us adamant about not storin...

The Trekklings

The saga of Mama Uhura and her offspring: Kirk, Spock, Troi, Janeway and Kes. I find myself checking in on them every day. Old Trekkers never die: we just transport to another dimension.Trekklings Blog.

Waiting at the Rainbow Bridge

sue.t wrote:I'm wondering if we should also have a sticky that lets us post obituaries & pics of our dearly departed pets? Maybe a "Rainbow Bridge" sticky? It would be sad and happy. It is very sad when a pet dies. And many of us tell the rest of the...

Lyme Disease Vaccine

We have a Maltese-Yorkshire Terrier Mix that we rescued 10 years ago. Weighs 10 lbs and is 12 years old. In the past we have given her the Lyme Vaccine. She has always had a negative reaction to this vaccine. Here last shot was in 2020 when the re...

New Working LGDs

Yesterday I brought home two Anatolian Shepherds that came from a large sheep farm.6yo DukeHe is taller and longer than Wendy was. He was a bit snug in his crate (48"L x 32"W x 35"H) coming home.1yo PennyThey had been working together on the sheep f...

BCSnob by Explorer
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Tough Week

In 2019, Lucky our Shepard/rott mix was diagnosed with degenerative myelopathy. He hung in there for three years. At first it was just dragging his hind leg toe nails and having weakness in his rear legs. On Jan the 20th this year, it progressed i...

cat tranquilizer

We have a journey of approximately 2000 miles to western Montana and then back to Atlanta. Have to take a pair of fixed female cats with us due to no one being left at home for them. What do you use to calm your kitties until they can adjust to tra...

Horsedoc by Explorer II
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Kitty crazy after neuter

Yesterday out 5 mo old kitty was neutered. He is acting fine except he’s now playing in the water bowl and gets himself soaked and spreads water all over. Can’t leave the bowl down for the other cat and the dog. How can we stop this??

DC_MC by Explorer II
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We're getting ready........for lambing

Here is our checklist to be completed by early FebruaryPurchase hay square bales for lambing jugs: donePurchase heat lamp bulbs: doneRepair tilt table: donePurchase & install rolling stop gate: doneCheck and restock lambing supplies: doneClean and re...

BCSnob by Explorer
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Casper Hero Livestock Guardian Dog

For those who have missed this story (not one of our dogs) here’s a good summary.When coyotes attacked, a dog killed 8 of them, saving a flock of sheepWash PostIf you read up on Casper’s injuries you’ll learn the original purpose of ear cropping and ...

BCSnob by Explorer
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