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Yay! A really good doggy deodorant!

Remember the "Smelly Cat" song from the FRIENDS TV show? Our Darcy isn't a cat, she's a black/tan min pin, but I used to sing that song to her, a lot. Darcy can make your eyes run water from her doggy odor. Yes, she was checked out by a vet and no...

CA_POPPY by Explorer
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Are mixed breeds genetically healthier than pure breeds?

In my recent reading of canine genetics articles I came across this gem. For some time know I have thought that for genetic diseases mixed breeds are just as prone to be affected as pure breeds since mixed breeds come from a mix of pure breeds. Thi...

BCSnob by Explorer
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That lost cat update: SHE GOT HER BACK! :)

I saw this on FB page... she got her dear kitty back! "SHE’S BACK! GREAT GREAT NEWS!!!Thank you everyone for the good vibes sent. As many of you know our precious Spotty Poo has been missing for two weeks. She went for a stroll after sneaking out of ...

Best kitty litter?

We've been using the kitty litter from Costco and find it good - far better than some stuff we bought at Walmart one time.But I'm wondering if there is anything better?

Changing brand of Dog Food

We currently have 4 dogs at home, three Cocker Spaniels and one Silky Terrier. We feed them Nutro Small Bites dog food. The issue I have is the cost keep going up and the size of the bag keeps getting smaller. We have a Pet Smart and a Petco across t...

dpgllg by Explorer
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Wet or dry food for cats?

Do you feed your cat wet or dry food? I have two inside grown cats that never go out and I feed them both...Just wondering about that. Need opinions...Thanks

Visualization request!

So, there was a lay-off from the cat TNR activities while I was moving and recuperating. But I am back in it now, with both feet, I guess.Thursday evening I'll be trapping a group of cats at a neighbor's house, right across the street from me. Ther...

What was I thinking??? :-(

I was getting the motorhome ready for a quick trip, and since puppy Ben has never seen it, I backed it out of the barn, let him look/sniff... we practiced going up and down the steps, etc. I mean, surely he could smell the fact that Jack and Jimmy h...

Pet Carrier Clips

I have a pet carrier that is made up of two shells, upper and lower. They are held together with clips that twist (or turn) to lock in place. I need some replacements for missing clips. Any ideas? I have attached the pic below. Thanks in advanc...

Cats & Carbs

I thought I’d update you all on some current information I got at the AVMA meeting.Over time, many have commented on grain and carbohydrates (diets that contain them) and how they affect cats. Many point you to web sites that promote the idea that c...

dturm by Moderator
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"Fear Imprint Period"

In theory, puppy Ben is in this stage of his life (he's 12 weeks old). I have been handling him with kid gloves - making sure he meets wonderful and loving new people; and life is just peachy-keen in general. We made it through the 4th of July (I l...