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Our beloved dog (Sammie) suddenly died yesterday

I came home from work about 8 PM to find my wife sitting on the floor crying with Sammie lying on the floor dead. She said the 2 dogs ran in the house happy to see her only moments before my arrival home. Sammie suddenly began seizing then died in he...

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RV Parks and Large Dogs

We have 2 dogs, 1 small (6 Lbs) and 1 large (140 Lbs). I am planning to purchase a class A motorhome and live in an RV park. One of the RV parks in my area requires dogs to be under 20 Lbs. The large dog is very tame, quiet and old. Why are limit...

rvnubee by Explorer
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Gracie problem

Gracie is almost 12 yo and about 16 pounds. Sunday evening a week ago I noticed she was having problems going to #2. Instead of stopping and doing her business, she was walking and popping out very hard small turds. So Monday and Tuesday, I put he...

Dog friendly accommodations in Hannibal, MO

Good Afternoon All,It looks as though our trailer will not be out of the shop for our trip next week. We will be driving south along the Mississippi from WI through AR.We were planning on stopping in Hannibal, MO for a couple days.Does anyone know o...

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Anyone travel or have a Doberman? Looking for some general info. Thinking of getting another dog and it's on top of my list.

Dakota The Wonder Dog In Dreamland

Hurting a bit and can't sleep so I'll practice boredom and bouncing keys.Walked by Dakota a bit ago he was sound asleep with a toothy grin. He heard me enter the den area and coked one eye open. I could just hear him, since this was the upteenth time...

Small Dog Health Issues

Last week, we took our 3 Chihuahuas in to get their yearly checkups and shots. Ricky and Lucy have been panting but I never thought it was serious. It turns out Ricky has bronchitis, an enlarged heart and a collapsed trachea. Lucy has bronchitis a...

Keep an eye on those collars folks....

Yesterday morning my beagle Leo was out on this tether in the yard and ran after a squirrel that was running around... When he got to the end of the rope the plastic clasp on his collar BROKE and he was running free. Wifey got him contained and took...

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Popular Pet Topics and FAQ's

THIS is a collection of links to popular websites and informative topics posted in the RVing Pet Health Forum. New members may find it useful to see if a topic has already been posted before starting a new one. This is not to discourage new posts as ...