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Been a long time

I haven't posted in a very long time. On Oct 28 2021 my life changed forever. I had a hemorrhage stroke. I spent 6 months in assisted living center learning to function. My neighbors took care of my Collies and a good friend would bring me home on weekends to visit them.

While I was away three people tried to steal my truck. A driver a lookout and the person breaking in. A neighbor happened to see what was going on a highlighted them with a spotlight and they took off without the truck.

After I was back home a worker from Reno County Healthcare stole $500. from me. I'm learning to walk with thearpy and don't have the use of my left arm and hand.

If I was a Collie I would of had me put to sleep. Speaking of Collies Sawyer and Sasha are doing well and one of the reasons I work so hard for my recovery.

To top it off Silver Rapids lodge was sold and the new owners are evicting all the seasonal's. I have until October 1st to have my trailer and shed off the property. Some good friends from Texas are helping me do this.

Since I have been away from the forum for so long I assume Richard has passed.

Take care Colliehauler.

Explorer II
Explorer II
Prayers for a full recovery for you. I'm sorry about your horrible year. I've had those too. May things get straightened out for the best.
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Prayers for quick healing and so sorry for the bad luck. Hopefully it's all behind you. I bet the dogs are so happy you're home. Glad you have good friends to help you get moved. So good to hear from you. Good luck with the move and let us know where you land.

I agree with Scottiemom, wouldn't know you had a stroke.

So happy they caught the skunk.
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Hugs and prayers headed your way.

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Douglas Adams

[purple]RV-less for now but our spirits are still on the open road. [/purple]

Sending tail wags and hugs for your continued recovery!!
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This morning caught a Skunk in the live trap called the city to pick it up. Hopefully the dogs don't get sprayed again. They will put out another trap.

I’m sorry for your troubles and health issues but glad to hear from you.
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Wow, I am so sorry for your health problems, Colliehauler. Thank God for good friends. I often fear what would happen if I had such health challenges as I am all alone now since my DH died.

I am amazed at your posts. . . they are flawless and I would not expect that from a stroke victim, but it is great that you are communicating so well.

So glad your collies are helping you to heal. You WILL get better and they are there for you. I will pray for your continued improvement. Keep us posted.

Yes, Richard did pass away within the last year, I think. The info is on the Old Fella thread. Not much gets posted on that thread anymore, but occasionally something pops up.

Take care and keep working hard for those collies. They want you well!

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Dan, so good to hear from you again and so sorry for your issues medical and personal. I hope the dogs continue to give you comfort and support.

We'll be thinking of you.

Doug & Sandy
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Icing on the cake is I need several thousands in Dental work. Hope all the Foofs are doing well and enjoying traveling. Hope to be doing the same in the future.

Almost forgot two weeks ago both Collies got sprayed by a Skunk. Then last week they were sprayed again. My house-keeper bathed them both times. The city set out a trap but the only thing it's caught was a possum.

Does my life sound like a country and western song? I remember the phrase if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all.

It's been a long time since the first Old Fella Rally in Branson MO.