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Coolaroo On-the-Go Folding Dog Cot

Explorer II
Explorer II
I thought I'd share this cot with everyone. The XL is available at Costco

Tornado-dog decided on our last camping trip that he sits in a camping chair. It works well for him. Poor Cat-dog can't work a chair, so I went on the search for a new dog cot.

I had two different dog cots prior to the burglary, but I found they were a hassle to set up and move around, etc. And I had to take them apart to get them out of the rain. So, I started looking for something that just folded up, was big enough for an 85lb shepherd to lay out flat, and didn't have uncomfortable metal bars in the middle of the cot.

This coolaroo cot ticks all the boxes. Cat-dog can stretch out on it with no bars poking her. It holds up to 125lbs. And it collapses just like a camp chair does, so you can easily slide it into an outside compartment or back seat, etc, if it starts raining.
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That looks pretty good. Practical.
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