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How many states has your dog been too?

Sawyer will be 3 Dec second. So far he has been 32 states. Sasha about 6 months younger has been to a few less.

WOW - my late Aussie Ike and Cattle Dog Jack really traveled a lot - from Nova Scotia to the Yukon (and all the southern Provinces) plus 44 US States. We really covered a lot of ground in our Class C from 2004 to 2014. The Aussie passed away in 2013, and I SOBBED while cleaning our C as we put it up for sale - there were so many wonderful memories of the dog connected to the RV.....
Ed, Deb, and 2 dogs
Looking for a small Class C!

If I've counted correctly (and I think I have) -- 27
Me, DH and Yogi (Shih Tzu)
2017 Winnebago Travato 59K

Explorer III
Explorer III
Camped in 32, been through several others
2007 Forester 2941DS
2014 Ford Focus
Zamboni, Long Haired Mini Dachshund

3 ...(excited, comfortable and sleepy).

Kaylee is our oldest camper and has been in about 21 states, mostly adjacent to the Mississippi River and east. All the previous dogs and Sasha have been in fewer.
Doug & Sandy
Winnie 6 1/2 year old golden
2008 Southwind 2009 Honda CRV

Explorer II
Explorer II
Current 7 year old Sheltie--about 5 states and between 25-30 different campgrounds.

My prior duo (Sheltie and GSD) about 4 states and between 50-75 different campgrounds (lots of repeats!). Their fav was Mt Whitney area and would sit in the streams/rivers...and they were best of buds. RIP boys!

Tim & Sue
Hershey (Sheltie)
2005 F150 4x4 Lariat 5.4L 3.73 Please buy a Hybrid...I need your gas for my 35.7 gallon tank!
2000 Nash 19B...comfortably pimped with a real Queen Size Bed

This really made me have to think. I have a toy aussie who is only 8 months old and she has been to 7 states, going to 8th next week. Also have a chihuahua 6 who has been to at least 17. They love to go.

I know there is no real toy Australian shepherd breed but I did have DNA run. She is 50% miniature American Shepherd and 25% Yorkshire terrier & 25% Chihuahua.

She is a doll and I also have her extra large twin which is part great Pyrenees & Rottweiler. She has to stay home and guard the farm she did go to 7 states as a puppy.
2017 Forest River Forester 3051S

2014 Ram DRW 3500 Laramie Crew Cab

Explorer II
Explorer II
I had only just retired before the home burglary and COVUiD, so Moose-dog and Bat-dog had only been to two states. They had also just started collecting National Park tags with their Death Valley trip.

Dog-bird was looking forward to getting his bird passport and going to Canada. As a Mexican Red-headed Amazon, he had concerns about traveling south of the border - he may have arrived in the states illegally forty years ago and worried about being denied re-entry.

Hopefully, Cat-dog, Tornado-dog, The Twooney and Bird will be able to see more of the world.
1975 American Clipper RV with Dodge 360 (photo in profile)
1998 American Clipper Fold n Roll Folding Trailer
Both born in Morgan Hill, CA to Irv Perch (Daddy of the Aristocrat trailers)

Safi(age 11) has been in 49 states and all Canadian provinces except Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nunavut, and Northwest Territories. (Nunavut is going to be a problem for a fifth-wheel.)


This is for my late dog, Bucky, who passed a few years ago. My current dog, Pancho, has only been to eight states so far.
2015 Tiger Bengal TX 4X4
Chevy 3500HD, 6L V8

Jed has been in all 10 Canadian provinces along with 27 US states.
2014 Keystone Laredo 292RL
2013 Palomino Maverick 2902
2018 GMC 3500HD, 4x4, 6.5' box, SRW, Denali, Duramax, Andersen
DeeBee, JayBee, and Jed the Black Lab

The hurrier I go the behinder I get. (Lewis Carroll)

Hershey is going on his 10th birthday and has camped in 36 states in 318 campgrounds but only liked the ones with a dog park

2012 Winnebago Journey 36M Cummins 360
2014 Jeep Cherokee
492 Campgrounds,107K miles driven in our Winnebago motor homes and 2360 nights camping since we retired in July 2009, 41 National Parks

My dog Kelly a Min-Pin died Apr 2020 at the age of 19.
She made it to Mexico along with 5 Canadian Provinces: Ontario (2), Quebec, New Burnswick, Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island.
She never made it to Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Delaware, South Carolina and Rhode Island. So she made it to 44 States.
She always knew when we were taking a trip in the 5th wheel. She would sit there and watch me make trip after trip taking stuff out to the truck but when I grabbed the wife's purse and her 2 liter of Pepsi Kelly would jump up and beat me to the door.
No matter where we went and how long we were gone, when we got within 2 miles of our home she knew we were back and would get so excited to be home.
I've been to all 50 States but my RV hasn't.

We just finished a 10 month trip. Coco has been to 23 states, both the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and 3 of the Great Lakes. She just turned 2 and is happy to be "stationary" for a while.
Land Yachters
Griff, Ali and Coco
Philadelphia, PA
2018 Tiffin 33AA
2018 Grand Cherokee