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Looking for dog breed the travels well while Rving

Been awhile since I have been on this board.

DW wants a Dog, looking for ideas. Some background info: DW loves dogs, for me I can take them or leave them. In the past because of this we have settled for the smaller breeds.

Our last dog was a sheltie, we think we were very fortunate that the dog had such a good disposition. This said I would love to get the same breed but I have read they don't travel as well and we might not be as lucky with #2. What everyone's thoughts?

How about other smaller breeds that travel well?

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We have two female Golden retrievers ( about 55 lbs each ) that love people and rarely bark. A little hairy and take up their share of room in the motorhome, but great companions.

More critical than the breed is the dog's socialization very early in life to different situations.

Most definitely. While you can make SOME generalizations it's mostly up to you. Ran into a woman with a Springer a few months ago and the dog was not aggressive but not comfortable meeting new people. Mine will knock you over trying to get your attention. I'd be more concerned with temperament and personality than breed.

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Golden retrievers are great. About as calm a dog as you can find. But 70-80 lbs on avg.

While certain breeds have a predisposition to certain behaviors, every dog is an individual. More critical than the breed is the dog's socialization very early in life to different situations. A dog who only wet in the car to the vet every 6 months may learn the car equals a bad experience, but a dog that went everywhere in the car and always had a good experience will probably like the car. Adopting an older dog from a quality rescue will tell you more about a dog, especially if you foster to adopt.

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Our navigator was a toy poodle, wonderful companion. It is not so much the breed as the individual dog's temperament which varies a lot. My current Shih-Tzu does not like riding in the vehicle yet friends have the same breed with no problems.