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1 of the 2 AC is not working.


I have a 2014 Bay Hill fifth wheel made by evergreen.I have two a c units. The living room a c unit Works just fine. The bedroom AC unit does not turn on whatsoever. No fan. No compressor I checked the breakers already. They are fine and fuses.

 I am getting a digital readout on The thermostat tells me the temperature. But when I try to use the controls nothing happens. I'm trying to save some time about voltage.I am plugged in to my garage 220 volts I am running on fifty amp. I stored it for the winter was working fine in september and does not work today. Any help would be truly appreciated giving thanks in advance.


Nomad II
Nomad II

I agree with the comment from bid-time about 220 volts - you may have fried all kinds of stuff. Was the wall plug professionally installed?

I don't understand what you're trying to say by "I'm trying to save some time about voltage." Huh?

I had  problems with my ACs 2 years ago. It was the (control) phone cable connecting the two units.

the plug for a rv 50 amp is a 240volt plug, it has two hots and 1 comon and 1 ground, same configuration as your stove.  its how it uses it the RV splits this into two sepert phases of 120V power at 50amp each buy putting each hot on its own bus in the fuse panel.  your electric range at home is simmular it splits out a 120 feed for the controle side then recombines the two phases for the elements.  



look familier

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If you are truly plugged into 220 volts than you have made a big mistake and may have caused major damage. Your unit is not 220 volt capable. You should be plugged into two legs at 120 volt each at 50 amps each leg (or possibly one 120 volt leg at 30 amps). To start to clear this up, post a picture of the plug on your rig and the receptacle you’re plugged into.