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2024 Cougar AC No Air coming out vents

Explorer II
Explorer II

Okay, this is some venting on my part.

Must be something about these Coleman Mach air conditioners. New 2024 Cougar 29SGS and my Mach runs but little to no air coming out vents. It is cooling if you check at the vent, just little to no air. Took to dealer, they trouble shot. Said it was the compressor fan not blowing enough air. They contacted Keystone to approve replacement of AC and after three weeks of back and forth Keystone said it's working correctly. RV is not cooling, little air coming out vents. System runs for three hours and inside RV is 79 degrees. Dealer says there's nothing they can do without Keystone's approval unless I want to fund the replacement.

I contacted Keystone direct, did everything they ask of me to provide and more. Been waiting 3 days now for answer. Have trip planned to start Monday. At least we have the second AC in the bedroom that works as advertised.



I have a cougar also, take the grill off the ac base, use the foil tape and seal up any area that might be leaking air into the cealing and such, also do this at each individual AC vent.  you will be surprised how pourly they are sealed up and how much air is leaked into the celing.  also the position of your manula dump vent if you have one makes a big difference. 

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Nomad III
Nomad III

We have a cougar also.

Just found out about this...pop one of the vent covers off. I was shocked at how much more air came out. It doesn't look as pretty but easily 5-10 times the airflow.

The covers just pop into place. I took a butter knife and slowly worked it under the edge until the cover popped out. If it doesn't work, only takes 2 seconds to pop back harm done.

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Thanks for the advise. Tried removing grill covers. Wow what a difference. Lots of air coming out now. Think I'll play around with cutting center out of the vent little at a time and see how that works.