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Missing floor!

Yeah, I know I probably have some water damage from outdoor storage in Florida over the past 4 years. Unit is a 2017 Keystone Sprinter 33BH. Got it to the site a few days ago and I noticed that there is a spot about a foot long and 3-4 inches wide right in front of the couch that I'm sure nothing is supporting at all. Pretty much just linoleum. It's very odd because I always do a step around the entire interior first thing after opening it up, and it has always been solid, now it's not even mushy, it's just. . . gone. I can slide under the unit and push up on the membrane and tell there is something resting on it, bouncing around like a chunk of flooring. Problem is, there is no good place to peel up the linoleum and check it out - the slide out rests right there when extended and covers it completely when pushed in. I plan on unscrewing the membrane and poking around over the winter to see what's really going on in there. I will probably end up rednecking something together, but has anyone else attempted this type of repair from below? I'm going in totally blind, I don't even know where the cross supports are or what shape they're in, or exactly what type of damage I'm dealing with yet. Nothing else feels spongy or mushy anywhere. I have never noticed water leakage, but I assume the intense humidity and torrential rains we get here have taken their toll.

Explorer III
Explorer III
If you are worried you might lay a sheet of 1/2 inch plywood over the floor in the area.. Stand it on edge before you bring the slide in.

But frankly I'd get that fixed ASAP... Very ASAP.. no fun putting a foot through a floor.
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Explorer III
Explorer III
Use a ice pick and start looking for soft spots. Most likely it's larger than you think and will require the slide out to repair the floor. And all of the water leaks need to be fixed.

Poke around over the winter while the problem gets worst?
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Nomad III
Nomad III
Your problem makes me think you traveled with the trailer in the rain and either the slide was not completely seated against the gaskets or the lower seal has deteriorated and allowed water to get at the side of the non waterproof flooring while you were pulling it. Unfortunately, not an easy fix.
On a different note, if you had it in outdoor storage for four years you are way overdue for some serious roof and trim resealing. Ours sits under a carport when home but we travel enough that it sees a lot of sun and it is inevitable that a yearly inspection turns up some at least questionable sealant.

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