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Propane Pigtails

Good evening,
I have a 2015 Jayco 26BHS. A smell and soap test reveals leaking propane at each pigtail connection to the dual propane cylinders. The regulator is a Cavonga Group Double Stage Low Pressure Automatic Changeover Regulator. The factory line is Cavanga flexible hose with Back Check Max WP 350PSI Cat #2 18CE. Considering they have both failed, looking at an alternative replacement to that model is what I have in mind.

Assistance and guidance is needed in purchasing replacements. The current connector is not inverted. The opening at the end of the pigtail measures at 6/32 of an inch. A brass circumference of about 2/32 of an inch runs around the opening. This appears to be less than the visuals I am getting from the replacements that I am looking at. The holes seem wider. Inside of the regulator itself, there also appears to be a smaller opening that lines with the smaller opening on the hose. I was looking at options on Amazon; however, wasn't sure if there were negative implications of having a wider opening on the pigtail than the accepting opening on the regulator. I would appreciate any thoughts and direction. Heading out Friday morning, and didn't know I had an issue until just now. Thanks!


i’m having this same issue! 2015 Jayflight. I have the Cavagna 924n Two stage regulator and i assume the original hoses. One has failed. when i try and remove it to order a new one, it doesn’t seem the reg has the fittings already on it so to put an inverted flare or NPT pigtail onto it. when i crank to get it off, i don’t know where the hose connects because the same regulator nowadays has a fitting already attached to it and mine doesn’t look like that. these idiots don’t get it on here. i also cannot find the correct type of pigtail so far because the Same Cavagna model now looks to be altered from what mine looks like. wonder what you ever did to solve this? i feel im gonna have to get a new regulator even though mine is operational. i can’t get the pugtail loose and don’t know if im trying to turn a fitting that’s supposed to be on the regulator or a fitting on the end of the pigtail. 

You might want to create a new post for this.
As far as your question I know when I replaced my pigtails there was a brass adapter from 3/8 to 1/4 inch between the end of the pigtail and the aluminum regulator. So based on what I'm reading you probably have something similar.

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The Cavagna regulator most likely has 1/4" NPT female threads on the ports. The hoses you need would have 1/4" NPT Male threaded ends. The other major choice is the inverted flare which I do not believe will fit your Cavagna regulator. The only other info you need is the length, think about what you have and if you are happy with that length then just duplicate it or go to the next longer size. Best not to go shorter to avoid connection issues.

Don't forget to buy some yellow teflon tape for the threaded connections.

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I had to replace one pigtail on a 2 year old trailer. It was leaking and emptied both tanks, and never even threw the flag, so the regulator got replaced too.

they sell replacement for a replacement...not hard
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Explorer II
find a good pp shop and they,ll fix it up .

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If it's not the O rings then remove what you can or take the RV to a propane shop for replacement.
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Have you tried new seals?
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