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Streaming YouTube TV from iPhone using a lightening digital adapter

Explorer III
Explorer III

Good Morning,

  Took my first trip of the season and went to watch YouTube TV streaming on my iPhone to the tv using an Apple lightening adapter. Did this all last year with no issue what so ever.  Today it appears that YouTube tv no longer supports that arrangement. Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a fix? If not, is there a streaming service that will work?  I do have an extra Amazon firestick that I may try next week. 

Don, Kathleen
2014 Ram 3500 Crew Cab 4x4 Dually 6.7 CTD/AISIN
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Nomad II
Nomad II

Use your phones hotspot. Works just like you are hooked up to wifi. 


Yes, I have the same issue and I am very upset about it.  And yes YoutubeTV does work with the fire stick, but for me I need it for my RV and with cellular internet.  The firestick requires me to use a phone for hotspot which is undesirable for me.  I connected with a lightening to HDMI cable to the TV.  Works great because it projects anything on my phone to the TV except Youtube TV now.  Amazon prime, Netflix no problem.  I even signed up for the free week of HULU and it works.  I don't want to use HULU.  And of course you can't reach a person at YoutubeTV to get an answer.  Just curious, what brand of TV do you have?

Nomad III
Nomad III

Firestick is a simple solution. So long as the TV has a HDMI plug. 

Tammy & Mike
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The best way to do that is use AirPlay and unless you have a older tv than it won't work the tv has to be airplay capable. If you have to buy a new tv look to see if it can stream with airplay. Hope this helps😊