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Complete newbie. How do you turn tv on to see a channel?  We have an antenna but know nothing about either. 



The TV should work the same way as your tv at home.

Can you turn on the TV to see the menu?

Have you figured out how the raise the antenna yet?

Any time you move to a new site, you will need to go through locating stations in the area.


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First, assuming your TV antenna is plugged into the jack, push the antenna booster button which is usually right next to the jack. Then find the crank and raise the antenna (idepending on model), then turn the antenna towards the direction of the most likely major city with TV transmitters. Now you’re ready to turn on the TV, and in the TV menu you need to find the “scan for channels” function. Once the scan is complete, it may take a few minutes, you should be good to go. 

Do you have the remote control for the tv? How old is the TV--it may not be a digital unit.

Regards, Don
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