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Patriot 18k 5th wheel hitch

Explorer II
Explorer II

Hi question for someone, we just bought a new F450 super duty pickup and we have a Patriot 18k hitch. Will this work on this new truck?


You will need to purchase a picture frame to connect the rail system the puck system....  The DOWNSIDE to doing it that way is that will RAISE the hitch head about 2-1/2 inches and possibly have the RV pin HIGH.

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they make adaptors to convert rail hitches to the puck system.

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Awesome, Thank you!!


The question isn't really about the hitch but rather how's it's mounted. Most have either a rail system and some newer trucks have a puck mount system. Your truck may have no mounting system at all. Most hitches can use either.

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Thank you, 


So looks like you have rails but the truck has the puck system. You just need the adapters for the pucks and you should be good to go.

Jeff - 2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

That’s good to know, Thank you! We were wondering if we could switch this patriot to the puck system as we haven’t found that on the internet. We’ll have to call somewhere tomorrow. Thanks again!!

This is what our new truck has in the bed.